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Whether you own a business that needs additional space on a daily basis, or you have an overflow of furniture from moving house, or anything in between, a storage box is an easy, effective solution to help de-clutter your life. 

What most people don't realise is how effortless a storage box is to maintain; here are the top five reasons a storage box is the easiest item you will ever have!

1. Set and Forget

Once you have picked your ideal storage box, loaded it up with your furniture, boxes, stock or equipment, simply lock the door behind you and forget it is there. Storage boxes don't tend to attract dust, dirt or a lot of moisture, so you can simply organise the box to your desired layout, leave and know it will be exactly as you left it when you return. 

2. You Only Have to Come back When You Need To

If you have more stock to load, or need something from your box, these are the only times you actually need to visit. You are not obliged to check in on your storage box at any time, nor do you need to visit just for the sake of visiting. The flexibility of coming and going is completely yours!

3. There's more money in your pocket

Storage units are extremely cost-effective for the level of convenience you receive. While you can pay for your storage box monthly, the costs of running the unit (heating/cooling, staff, security) are taken care of by the storage facility. Moving machinery, like forklifts and trolleys, will also be available at the facility, which means you have access to expensive equipment with no additional cost. 

4. Someone else does the worrying for you

As we mentioned before, you don't need to come and visit your storage box every day, purely because security and monitoring systems are doing the security work for you. With locks on every individual box, coded gates, alarm codes specific to each individual, and security controlled lighting systems, CCTV,  you know your storage box is in capable hands. The access to your individual box is yours; the pin code or keys to your padlock belong to you, and you possess the choice as to who is given access to that specific lock. 

5. You can alter your space as your needs change

The storage box is available to you for as long as you need it. Your demands for storage can come and go; if you are using the space for business, stock inventory may inflate suddenly or diminish over time, for example. With the flexibility to alter your storage box whenever the need arises, it's easy for you to switch up your space when you need to. 

 When the time is right for you, you can browse the new storage options and choose a new box quickly. Moving from one box to another is a quick process, as you only need to move your items within the same storage facility using the trollies available at the centre. Simple!

Online Self Storage Booking Made Simple

Say goodbye to the confusing, complex and lengthy self-storage booking process of old, and let Big Box Self Storage deliver the customer experience you deserve. 

We all love the easy, breezy feeling of having the products and services we need a mouse click away. With Big Box Self Storage, located on the sunny Gold Coast, securing your storage spot through online booking is a seamless end-to-end process. 

Book online with Big Box Self Storage

Browsing and booking your Gold Coast self storage solution shouldn't be an arduous task. After all, the stress of sorting and storing those belongings we love but don't have the space to stash is frustrating enough. 

Big Box Self Storage has designed an online booking system that eliminates the hassle other storage companies are synonymous with, and instead answers every question you have before, during and after storing your wares. 

Our online booking form is easy to fill out and quickly reserves the self storage solution you require. Simply fill out your personal information, the date you require your self-storage arrangement to commence, the size of the Gold Coast storage unit you need and whether you will be moving yourself or with the assistance of a professional removalist. There's even space to add any additional notes our team may need to make the process go as smoothly as possible. We'll take care of the rest!

Self storage solutions to fit your needs

Big Box Self Storage has a range of storage units in various sizes and dimensions to suit small to large storage requirements. Located in Labrador on the Gold Coast, Big Box Self Storage is monitored by 24/7 surveillance and fully fenced to ensure your belongings are safe and secure. 

You don't even need to visit our facility to browse the storage unit sizes we offer. Our expert team can supply you with a storage unit estimation and its cost [www.bigboxselfstorage.com.au/get-storage-quote] through our online Quote tool, or you can fill out our simple form to receive a call back. 

If you already know the storage unit size you require, simply select from the drop down box in our online booking form and submit your reservation. It's that easy!

Big Box Self Storage has unit sizes that range from our smallest solutions at 1.8 x 1.5 x 3.0m right through to our biggest boys that span 12.0 x 6.0 x 4.0m. Whether it's a few choice belongings you wish to keep safe, or an entire household of belongings that require safekeeping - we've got you covered. 

Our Box Shop  even sells everything a big move needs, be it storage boxes, furniture covers, wrapping materials or even locks. Order everything you need through our online store, and have them arrive to your home quickly and efficiently. 

Expert assistance, exceptional customer service

The team at Big Box Self Storage are the Gold Coast's trusted experts in the self-storage industry. Friendly, informed and efficient, we are here to answer any or all of your self storage questions. 

If you require the assistance of removalists to relocate your home or office space to our facility in Labrador, we have a list of removal companies we highly recommend here [www.bigboxselfstorage.com.au/what-is-self-storage/recommended-removalists]. 

We look forward to providing excellent service to you throughout your self storage experience!New Post
People rent self-storage spaces for a variety of reasons. Some people move houses and require a safe place to temporarily store their possessions during the transition, while others make use of self-storage units to store and organise bulk shipments of goods. Whether it's for personal or commercial purposes, if you're looking to rent a storage space and want to know if they're easy to use and maintain, read on to find out more:

1. Convenient and Low-maintenance

Self-storage facilities provide unparalleled convenience as they offer seven-day, 24-hour access to your storage space. Since access is free and unlimited, you can choose when you want to add or remove items from your storage unit at no extra cost. On-site forklifts ensure that pallet deliveries are received with ease, and drive-up roller door spaces make storage use quick and easy. Moreover, moving your goods and items around is made effortless with the convenience of pallet jacks and trolleys. Packing materials such as boxes, tape and wrapping paper for all your storage needs are also available for purchase on-site.

2. Cost-effective 

No yearly leases are required when you rent a self-storage space because you pay on a month-to-month basis, and you don't need to pay a large bond to rent a storage space. Rental rates for self-storage spaces are not only competitive with the cost of office space, but are also made more affordable with the discounts that you may receive when you pay for periods in advance. 

You won't have to employ someone to receive deliveries as you are given a free receipt and dispatch service. Some storage facilities will even offer free move-in services so you can save on truck hire fees, or will help you find a reliable removalist to help you with your moving. 

3. Flexible Terms

Self-storage units guarantee a large degree of flexibility when it comes to downsizing and up-scaling. As your business changes, you can easily alter the amount of storage space you require. Furthermore, you can store your goods and items month to month, and you can provide very short notice when you decide to vacate. 

4. Many options for all your storage requirements

No matter how big, small or oddly-shaped your possessions are, self-storage facilities will have a solution for you. Storage spaces include storage units and boxes. Cardboard storage boxes come in a range of sizes, and are ideal for moving or storing the contents of your house and your office facility. For big, bulky vehicles like caravans and boats that are inconvenient to move or store due to the large amount of space they occupy, purpose-built storage units are available for rent.

5. Secure

You don't have to worry about your possessions or look after them while they're stored in a self-storage facility. When you rent your own lock-up space, the keys for the storage space are yours for safekeeping. Reputable storage facilities deploy a range of security measures to prevent theft, burglary and any other illegal behaviour. 

At a minimum, storage facilities have on-site security personnel during business hours, 24-hour video surveillance cameras, interior and exterior security lighting, gated access to the premises, and unauthorised access alarms. Lockable containers for confidential and sensitive documents are also available for purchase. 

Overall, whether you decide to store your items on a short-term or long-term basis, self-storage facilities offer easy, convenient and secure storage solutions for homeowners and business owners alike.
Before choosing a self-storage company it is important that you consider what each company offers before signing on the dotted line. Not all storage companies are the same, and while many advertise low rates, this usually means they don't have adequate security or provide 24 hr access to your unit. So here are five reasons why you should choose BIG BOX Self Storage for your home or business storage.

1. Space

A lack of space is the reason why you are looking for a storage unit in the first place. But unlike other storage providers, we don't limit the size of your unit to a few square feet. BIG BOX has a wide range of storage options from small units for personal belongings to large secure warehouses capable of storing a caravan or boat. So no matter what you need to store, BIG BOX Self Storage can provide you with the space you need at a price you can afford. 

2. Security

Security is likely to be top of your agenda when choosing a self-storage company. At BIG BOX we make security a top priority. Our facility is protected by a perimeter fence which prevents unauthorised access to the building and grounds. Authorised users can access the premises 24 hrs a day using a secure PIN code. 

For added peace of mind, CCTV is in operation both inside and outside the building. This helps to monitor who accesses the site and when with all data recorded should a problem occur. The registration numbers of all vehicles accessing the site are also recorded and alarms are fitted to all storage units.

3. No long-term commitment

Unlike other storage companies on the Gold Coast, BIG BOX doesn't tie you down with long contracts. You simply pay month to month for the amount of space you need. There are no yearly contracts or early termination fees. Just sign-up for the space you need and move your stuff in.

4. Convenience and flexibility

Because BIG BOX doesn't have any long-term contracts it is easy to scale your storage up or down depending on your requirements. If you need more space, no problem, just contact us and we'll arrange it for you. We can even provide support to help you move storage units if necessary. 

For heavy or bulky items a forklift truck is available on site along with a range of pallet jacks and trolleys. Cardboard boxes are also available for purchase to help keep your goods organised. Further services are also available on request, so contact the store manager for more information. 

5. Value-added service

As a local company, BIG BOX Self Storage is able to provide a level of service which the big national chains find difficult to replicate. We work closely with a number of trusted local service providers to help provide a wide range of value-added services to our customers. 

So if you need help moving home, we can recommend a reputable removals company. If you need a package delivered urgently, we can arrange for same-day delivery using a local courier. If you need documents destroyed, we can arrange for secure document shredding on site. No matter what you need, we are here to help.

If you would like more information about our range of storage options or would like to arrange a tour of our facility, get in touch with us today on 1800 244 269 to discuss your requirements.

What is a Caravan Storage?

A caravan storage is where you keep your caravan between trips. It's the resting place for your caravan when you're not using it.
Caravan storage is the best option for caravan owners for multiple reasons. Let's run through the main ones.


Caravans are large and they take up space. Not everyone has a garage, carport or driveway that's big enough to accommodate a caravan. And if you do store your caravan at home, it can be inconvenient to move it when you need to use the space it occupies. In contrast, a caravan storage is purposely designed for storing big, bulky vehicles such as caravans.


A caravan storage facility keeps your caravan safe and secure. How? At Big Box Self Storage on the Gold Coast, we use the following top-level security measures:
  • Strong perimeter fencing to prevent unauthorised access to the premises
  • Closed-circuit television (CCTV) which operates 24/7 and is fully recorded
  • Excellent on-site security lighting 
  • PIN code access for clients.

3.Protection from the elements

The Gold Coast has a fantastic climate. However, if you leave your van exposed to the elements, there is a risk of damage. Rubber fittings, in particular, can be severely degraded and even destroyed by prolonged exposure to the sun. 
If you put a cover over your caravan, strong winds can loosen it and any flapping will scratch and damage the paintwork of your van.
If you park your van under a tree, there is potential for damage from falling tree branches. There is also the problem of bird droppings, which can be difficult to remove if they become hardened. When you keep your caravan in a secure caravan storage, you can avoid all of these nature-related problems.

4.Convenience and flexibility

It's important when you choose a caravan storage, that the storage options suit your particular needs, whether short, medium or long term. A good caravan storage will provide convenient and flexible storage solutions for your situation.

5.Peace of Mind

One of the biggest advantages of using a caravan storage facility is that it gives caravan owners peace of mind. When your van is in safe and trustworthy hands, you have one less thing to worry about.

Tips for Storage

If you have decided to use a caravan storage facility, then make sure you prepare your van appropriately. Here are some quick tips for storing your van.

  • Clean the fridge and cupboards

Remove all food items from your fridge and cupboards and clean them. To prevent mold, mildew and nasty odours, leave fridge and cupboard doors open. 

  • Clean the toilet
Empty and clean the caravan toilet. 
  • Empty the water tanks
Drain all water from the water tanks. Before going on the road again, use clean water to flush out the tank systems. 
  • Gas
Check the policy of your caravan storage provider - some places don't allow storage of gas bottles for safety reasons. 

Would you like to put your caravan to bed for a while? If you've got any questions about caravan storage, our friendly staff at Big Box Self Storage will help you. Call us today to find out more about our cost-effective, highly secure caravan storage options.

What is Boat Storage?

For most people who own a boat, sailing is not an all-weather, all-year-round affair. During the more inclement months, boats are often left moored, or towed away to be stored in a shed or similar building. Unfortunately, both these options can have a number of disadvantages, which is why using secure, bespoke storage for boats is becoming increasingly popular. Take a look at the benefits which using purpose-built storage that shields your boat from the elements and theft can bring:

Protection from the Weather and the Water

Almost inevitably, a boat with a hull that's submerged for months at a time is going to need plenty of TLC to keep it in usable condition. The bottom of the boat will need to be scraped to remove weed or water life which has begun to grow on it whilst it has been stationary. In addition, prolonged contact with the water may have begun to weaken joins and joints, meaning that waterproofing and similar repairs will be required. Not only does this have a cost implication, it also requires additional inconvenience and time, as well as the need to potentially move your boat several times. In comparison, a boat in dry storage is protected from the vagaries of the water: if the hull is in good condition when the boat is stored, it will remain so until needed again.

No UV light!

Sunlight is well-known to accelerate the deterioration of a wide range of materials. From causing paint to chip and fade through to weakening wooden fixtures and causing ropes to degenerate, for boats, just like humans, unnecessary exposure to sunlight should be avoided. Indoor boat storage solves this problem, ensuring the boat is safe from UV damage when not in use.

Added Security

Boat storage consists of a suitably sized area that's protected from the elements. With enhanced security measures in place, the chances of anyone taking your boat when you're not around to look after it are very low. The boat storage we provide not only features lockable storage, but the facility is also protected by good external lighting, gating, on-site security personnel and CCTV monitoring. All these measures are designed to keep your boat safe. With protection far in excess of what most people are able to put in place, if you want your pride and joy in safe hands, storage is the way to go.

Flexible Terms and Easy Access to your Boat

When you use boat storage, you can come and go as you wish, removing your boat when you need it. We offer a selection of storage options, tailoring rental to suit your specific requirements. Whether you've got limited space at home to store your boat, are taking a break from sailing and want to make sure your boat is well looked after or are looking for a cost-effective boat storage solution that's also safe and weatherproof, our storage facility is an optimal solution. Suitable for boats of almost any size, please get in touch to find out more.

Have you realised you are in need of a storage solution?

Not sure what the next step is? Here at Big Box Self Storage, we ensure that booking storage boxes online is as smooth as possible. Our comprehensive website makes it quick and easy to book your storage space.

Why Book your storage box solution with us online? 

For multiple reasons: it's quick, it's convenient, and you're able to work around your own schedule. 

Our online booking system is designed to be straightforward. We ask for all the information we need which means there's no beating around the bush, whether you're looking to enquire, looking for a quote, or ready to book your storage box unit. 

Unlike other methods of booking, you'll easily be able to let us know what your requirements are whenever it is convenient for you. One of our staff at Big Box Self Storage will email you in a timely manner and ensure that your needs are met. There's no need to spend time travelling to our location or making time out of your busy schedule during business hours to give us a call. 

If you're looking for a quote for a storage unit, one of our friendly team members will be more than happy to assist you in getting an accurate quote and reserving your storage box unit.

All we need is your contact details, location, and the amount of space you might need. Just fill out the contact form here and one of our staff will be in touch. Alternatively, if you prefer to book over the phone, you can opt to call us between 7:30am and 5:30pm from Monday to Saturday, or 10am to 4pm on Sunday on 1800 244 269 (1800 BIGBOX). You can also opt to fill out our contact form and we will give you a call within working hours. 

Are you ready to reserve your self-storage unit? 

Once you've confirmed your storage unit, you will need to pay on or before the day you move in. We accept a variety of payment methods to make things smooth and easy for you. 

If you're looking for self-storage packing boxes, visit our box shop where you can easily purchase storage boxes online. Simply select the boxes, wrapping materials, locks, pre-packed bags, and packing tapes you're after before filling out your details. We offer free delivery for orders over $30 to the surrounding suburbs of Labrador. If you'd prefer to come in and browse our wide range of storage materials in person, we are easy to find at 207 Brisbane Road.

If you've got any questions, don't hesitate to contact us here. Our enthusiastic staff will guide you through the process as efficiently as possible. Big Box Self Storage goes the extra mile to ensure that booking your storage boxes online is quick and easy. Book your storage box with us today!

Who Needs Self-storage Units and Boxes?

Self-storage has a multitude of uses and can solve a range of problems. Units come in a range of sizes and are designed to be safe and secure, ensuring that regardless of what you store, from furniture and appliances to clothing and toys, sports gear or electronics, your belongings are safely behind lock and key. 

Self-storage is simple and convenient, providing a solution that makes more sense than relying on relatives and friends to store your things. After all, you can't always guarantee that your friend's garage will remain dry or locked at all times. Self-storage offers 24-hour access, seven days a week, and comes fully insured. We can also supply high-quality self-storage boxes to help you get the most from your space. 

Let's take a look at the versatility of self-storage and three types of people who use them.

People who are moving house or going overseas

Relocation can cause logistical issues that a self-storage unit can help alleviate. A unit can be used as an intermediary point when coordinating leaving your old house and arriving at your new one. 

The 24/7 nature of self-storage means that you can come and go at any time, never having to worry about opening hours, weekends or public holidays, ensuring that your storage suits you whatever your schedule may be. 

Self-storage is also ideal for people who are going away for extended periods, whether on a big overseas or interstate trip or temporarily relocating. Self-storage boxes and units offer a private and secure solution to packing away your life while you head off on your adventure.

Small business owners

If you're seasonally over-stocked or can't find room for bulk shipments of new goods, then a self-storage unit is ideal. The round-the-clock access means your business will never be without what it needs and it can help improve the efficiency of your stock control. 
Self-storage boxes are available to help your business keep its stored goods and items organised. These boxes come in a wide range of sizes, from standard packing boxes to cartons big enough to fit a wardrobe of clothing. 

People with limited space at home

With more and more people living in apartments and smaller houses in metropolitan areas, space is often at a premium. Self-storage boxes and units are the perfect way to de-clutter your home and give yourself more room to live in. 

Units are secure and dry, making them ideal for storing seasonal wardrobes, such as big coats, umbrellas and winter woollens, as well as sports gear. Keep your backyard cricket set, surfboards and pool toys safely out of the way during winter. Storing these often-expensive items in a purpose-built storage unit will also ensure that they aren't susceptible to damage. We've all inadvertently broken something trying to get it out of the way, but with self-storage, you can keep your house clutter free. 

Self-storage is a versatile way to free up space and keep your belongings safe. Add in boxes and packing materials, and you have a total solution with unparalleled convenience and ease.
Storage boxes have been touted as an efficient storage system for many years. Cardboard has proven to be the most efficient over wooden or steel storage boxes. Cardboard is extremely durable and sturdy, easy to manufacture, transport and store, and they prevent damage to the items within a storage unit. Not only that, they're recyclable as well!

As consumers, we're acquiring more 'things' than ever before, and the need for storage is continuing to increase. So, what do we turn to when we're packing unwanted items away for storage? - a cardboard box! There are so many benefits in the good old cardboard box, here's just a few.

Versatility in Size and Storage Content

Our Cardboard Storage boxes come in various sizes, ensuring flexibility in rental options based on your needs. Depending on how much you want to pack in a box, square boxes or rectangular boxes are options when renting. We even offer storage boxes to allow clothes to hang while in storage, linen, and blankets to be folded and laid out correctly, wine etc. Storage boxes are suitable for both storing or moving the contents of your house, and contents of your work facility. 


There are no 'surprise' costs that sneak up on you when renting storage boxes. The rental costs are clearly defined, allowing you to easily budget for your storage. Once a lease agreement is signed, you can rest assured there won't be any additional unexpected costs.

Depending on the location of your storage unit, the cost can vary widely. For example, a storage facility in the inner-suburbs of an Australian major city will be much more costly than a storage facility in the outer suburbs. Similarly, the price will vary between cities. Looking at Gold Coast prices, for example, rental costs are lower than those in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Whether or not there is self-access to the storage unit will also alter the rental cost.


Importantly, transporting the contents of a house or office facility can involve risk of damage to contents. For this reason, sturdy storage containers are a must. This guarantees the easiest, most affordable degree of safety for your assets. Knowing that you can safely stack, store and lock your boxes prevents stress and anxiety levels from rising - assuming they're already high based on the move alone! If you're considering storing confidential and sensitive documents, our lockable containers are a fantastic choice. Most reputable storage facilities heavily invest in security measures to ensure content safety. These include; 

Security lighting and alarm protection: Exterior lighting helps to deter thieves and makes access easier for those who have authorisation to be in the facility

On-site security:
Security personnel will be on-site during business hours for added security.

CCTV monitoring:

A good deterrent for thieves, and a good method for storage companies to monitor those who may have accessed their facility illegitimately. This allows investigating any illegal behaviour easier to undertake.

Gated access:

Access through security staff or a key-code access system ensures only those with authorised access enter the facility.

These are just some of the many benefits of investing in sturdy cardboard storage boxes. Finding a reputable company is essential, and once you've found the right facility, you'll be able to safely and cost-effectively store or move your contents/assets with confidence and peace of mind.

Big Storage Space, Small Fees

Space. It is one of the most sort-after commodities these days, but it can feel like it costs an arm and a leg to get it! We have all been there, needing somewhere to store furniture while moving or trying to figure out what to do with beloved items that no longer fit in the back room or garage at home. At that point, we are stuck with a big decision: donate/throw things away or find a way to store the items. This is where self storage is the perfect solution, not only because the units are clean and secure but also because the right option can cost you as little as a cup of coffee a day! 

Big Box Self Storage removes all the fuss with no lease costs or long minimum stays, plus we don't charge access fees or excessive deposits – we are all about simple and affordable storage solutions with friendly customer service. 

Want to know our secret to affordability? It's quite simple:

We help you reduce your moving costs 

We offer a FREE enclosed trailer to help you with your moving needs so that you don't have to pay truck or ute hire fees. We even throw in packing blankets, fridge trolleys and ropes, which means you save money on packing materials too. 

Want to purchase boxes, tape or wrap? We have all your storage needs available on-site, making us your one stop moving shop and saving you time and money. 

You don't pay for access to your belongings

We offer drive-up access to your storage box, so when you decide you need that spare couch or want to dust off the surfboard, you can zip around and grab your belongings without a hitch.

Moving and storing items can be a daunting process, so we have compiled tips, tricks and expert help to ensure your items are packed safely so that you can access them with ease. Our goal is to guarantee you have the best possible experience when using our service and we know our recommended removalists take extra care when handling your possessions. We've done the work for you to help save you time and money with a little extra peace of mind. 

So, when you want a reliable and affordable option, Big Box Self Storage has you covered. Contact the friendly team today by clicking here - Contact us .