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While we are all stuck inside, it is easy to feel like the walls are closing in. This is definitely more prevalent if the house is full of years of clutter, easily ignorable while we are running to and from work. Now, while most of us have nothing but time on our hands, is a perfect excuse to figure out what needs to stay and what could go into storage. De-cluttering isn't always as easy as it sounds, but there are a few simple tricks you can use to decide what is clutter and what's essential.

1. Do you use it?

When sorting through the piles of stuff you've amassed over the years, start by asking yourself "When was the last time I used this?" If you can't think of an example within the last year, you know you don't need it close at hand. This exercise can be tricky because you have to be honest with yourself. None of that 'Oh an old record player, I could order some records and play them'. If you haven't bothered to use it since you brought it home, you're not going to during lockdown. Store it.

2. Don't rush

One of the main reasons people stop halfway through a de-clutter is that they run out of steam. If you try and force yourself to do the whole house in one day, you'll tire yourself out and you won't want to get going again. This tends to happen at the stage where you've pulled everything out of a cupboard and have just made a mess of your hallway. Take it slow, put on some music or a tv show, have a drink and make it fun.

3. Go room by room

If you get all gung-ho about gutting the whole house at once, it'll get confusing. Take it one room at a time, keep it nice and neat, and then you have great stopping places already built into the operation.

4. Look at your house with fresh eyes

Try to imagine you're a visitor coming into your house, what would your first impression be? Would it be 'oh what a lovely clean home' or 'it looks like a dragon lives here'? Trying this exercise can highlight unnecessary items that you may have attachments to but really don't need to be taking up space in your living room. We are talking about putting it into storage here, not throwing it away. You don't have to say goodbye to everything.

5. Reward yourself

Once you have cleared your house you can embark on a fun DIY project. Maybe paint a room, reorganise the furniture, anything you like. It'll be easy without all that clutter in the way. It can be hard to experience anything new and refreshing at a time like this, but redecorating makes your home a brand new place to enjoy!

Visit us at Big Box Self Storage (http://www.bigboxselfstorage.com.au/) for more information on storing your unwanted clutter during lockdown. It might just help you hold on to your sanity as well as your in-the-way treasures.

At Big Box Self Storage, we are committed to doing everything that we can to protect the health of our staff and our customers during the current Covid-19 pandemic. We have, therefore, adopted a range of measures to ensure your safety when you turn to us for versatile, secure self-storage. Whether you need a small, garage-sized area of storage, or need an entire warehouse for your goods, we've done everything we can to ensure you are able to operate within the current social distancing guidelines. Take a look at how you can still enjoy cost-effective, high-grade self-storage while staying protected.

Remote booking and payment

Our customers are able to complete the entire booking and payment process remotely. Our team can be contacted using our online contact form, by phone or by fax. As well as being able to book remotely, customers are also welcome to call us if they have any queries or concerns for the duration of their rental. Payments are taken remotely, so there's no need to handle cash - a potential source of infection. These measures mean that you will have no direct contact with us at any stage.

Remote entry ensures no contact with other customers

We use a remote entry system, which we monitor to ensure that customers don't enter and leave at the same time. This enables you to visit your unit to work, move items about or otherwise use the space, with no contact with other site users. For people who wish to use self-storage to store goods for sale, our set-up allows users to continue business as usual, at the same time as complying with social distancing regulations. Our clients are never put in a position where they need to have unsafe contact with one another.

Can you still accept inbound goods?

Yes! Goods can still be dropped off and stored. While drivers will have to obey the relevant social distancing rules when loading and unloading, our facilities are still open for business as usual. We are able to provide a safe home for removalists to store goods between moves, as well as space for storing out-of-season equipment (boats, dinghies etc), house clearance goods, goods which have been inherited, retail stock, materials, and most other items. If you have goods that require special conditions for safe storage, please get in touch so that we can advise on whether our self-storage is suitable.

Committed to keeping our workers and our customers safe

We take our responsibility to our customers and staff seriously, which is why we've looked at every part of what we do to ensure that it not only complies with social distancing guidance but exceeds it where possible. If you need any more information about the measures we are taking to protect you, or require further advice on selecting a self-storage unit that's exactly right for your requirements, please get in touch and we will be delighted to help.

Contact us today to learn more about our storage units facility or book a space.

As a small-medium size business, keeping business costs low can help improve the bottom line. Higher savings and profitability will leave you with more room to invest in further growth or be more price competitive. After all, rent or lease is usually the largest component of a business' fixed cost. The lower it is, the better it will be for the business' financial well being.

For businesses with inventory, it is important they move quickly. Ideally, you shouldn't have too many unsold stocks in your office cum warehouse. They are cost centres. Having said that, it's difficult to be precise in your inventory management. There are always unknown variables that can impact sales. You'll need to respond to changing circumstances fast to build a sustainable business.

In an ideal scenario, your leased office space shouldn't need to function as a warehouse for your stocks. The latter should be kept in a separate facility where you have the flexibility to increase or decrease capacity when necessary. So, it's not only inventory you can manage but the size of the space that houses it too.

Self-storage facilities have grown in popularity amongst small-medium sized businesses with inventory or equipment. It is especially useful for those that are primarily in the eCommerce space. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the benefits of using self-storage space.

1. Pick a size

A major advantage of using self-storage space is the availability of 'boxes' in different sizes. You don't risk getting 'stuck' with a specific size, either too big or too small. With the option of leasing more 'boxes' promptly when the need arises, this flexibility prepares the business for various circumstances.

2. Get organised

When leasing a storage space of a specific size, you'll find yourself more diligent in keeping it neat and tidy. You'll be 'forced' to optimise the use of the space. From the way you organise, label and stack the goods, not only will it be pleasing to the eye but it makes accessing them easier too. As part of their value add service, some self-storage facilities offer the equipment or tools to help you organise your 'box'.

3. Receive goods

You're unlikely to be at your self-storage facility always. As such, you may wonder how your goods will be received in your absence. The good news you can delegate receipt of goods to the self-storage facility's personnel. And to add, ss the premises are well-secured, you'll have the peace of mind knowing your goods will be looked after.

4. Scalability

You can scale the size of the boxes according to the size of the inventory on hand. You'll not be held 'ransom' to a fixed size. This can shave a lot off your rental cost while offering the option of more space when needed. With this flexibility, the business can accommodate seasonal fluctuations efficiently.

If you're looking for flexibility in your storage needs, self-storage facilities are a good option to consider. Book a tour of our facility today or give us a call.

As a new or growing business, one of the most important assets you have is your equipment. Not only do you need to ensure your equipment is safe at all times, but you also need to ensure it is being stored correctly to ensure it doesn't lower in quality. For a new or small business, hiring warehouse or large storage space can be too expensive, but thankfully, there is an alternative. Below we explore the benefits of using storage units to store work tools and machinery.

1. Ideal storage conditions

If you are struggling for space to store your work tools and machinery, you may be tempted to simply keep the items in an outdoor area. However, should the weather take an unexpected turn, you risk your materials becoming unusable or damaged. Plus metal machinery can rust if exposed to rain, making a secure storage unit a much more suitable option.

2. Secure from theft

Unfortunately, there are malicious individuals in the world who will take every opportunity they can get to steal and vandalise machinery and equipment. At Big Box Self Storage, we have 24/7 CCTV and strict pin code access systems to ensure no opportunistic criminals will be able to get their hands on whatever goods you store in one of our storage sheds. With an effective security system, you can leave your tools and machinery for as long as you like in the confidence that they are secure and protected.

3. Long-term solutions

Should you need to take a leave of absence from your work, renting a warehouse or similar can be a huge financial drain. A storage unit, on the other hand, is a cost-effective long-term storage solution that allows you to store your items for as long as you need with a flexible contract.

4. Room for maintenance and repairs

To keep your tools and machinery in the best condition possible, it is important they are regularly cleaned and maintained. Renting a storage unit will give you plenty of space to clean and repair your tools in a clean and calm environment.

5. Store extra stock

Often due to global factors out of your control, you can never predict when demand for a certain service will surge. For this reason, it is always wise to keep extra materials and tools on-hand to help you meet customer demand should the need for a particular service soar.

6. Create a professional appearance

As a new or small business, you may be operating predominately from your home address. Whilst this is a smart way to keep costs low, if you hand out your home address to clients and potential business partners, it can make you look unprofessional and untrustworthy. Using the address of a storage facility, on the other hand, can create a clear distinction between your home and work life, and make you appear more professional.

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For more information about how Big Box Self Storage can help keep your tools, material and machinery safe and secure, contact us today!

Starting a new business can be an exciting, and overwhelming, time. When starting a small business, there are numerous questions that must be carefully considered. Below we list just some of the important considerations and help explain how a storage unit could benefit your business. If you can answer all of the below questions, it is a good indication you are ready to move your business to the next level.

How will I maintain a work/life balance?

When starting a new company, naturally you'll want to spend as much time as possible on growing your business. This can, however, have a negative effect on your health and wellbeing, especially if you work from home and do not give yourself a substantial break from work. Choosing to set up an office space in a storage unit is a great way to separate your work and personal life, so you can just focus on yourself and your family when you are at home and are not tempted to continue working all evening.

How can I best use my time?

When you start running a small business, time is precious currency. In the early days of your business, you will want to focus on connecting with clients and establishing your brand. For this reason, it is better to trust everyday minor tasks, such as signing for deliveries and accepting palletised freight, to a reliable storage company such as Big Box Storage. This way you can confidently order courier deliveries etc without having to use a large chunk of your day to wait and sign for them.

Can I keep the promises I make?

No doubt, as you try and grow your new business you will contact multiple different clients and explain the product and services you have to offer. If you are successful with multiple clients, the last thing you want is to be unable to fulfil your promises due to not having enough stock or resources. Filling a storage unit with your products or business essentials will ensure you will be able to fulfil any orders that are placed with you.

Am I ready for a large office space?

One of the biggest expenses a small business can pay is the rent for their office space. Many small businesses do not need an entire office but need a space outside of their home to store all of their belongings and create a professional impression. A storage unit can be a great option for businesses between offices, or for small businesses who want to test external office options before committing to a long-term lease.

Contact Big Box Storage

If you have read the above considerations and feel a storage unit could benefit your business, contact Big Box Storage today! We offer small businesses flexible space to use as storage or as their own office space. For more information about any of the services we can provide, do not hesitate to contact us today.

Are you thinking of moving your small business from one office to another? Or, have you grown a business from your home and are now looking to expand? Taking the next step to move to a new office space can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be! Below we list the potential benefits and uses of storage space for small businesses.

1. More time to focus on your business

If you choose a reputable storage company, such as Big Box Storage, to store your products whilst you are between offices, you can rely on the storage facility to sign and take deliveries for you. This ensures you do not have to waste your time waiting for a delivery company and can instead focus your time and energy on other tasks that will help your business, such as networking with clients.

2. Safe, dependable storage

If you are moving from one office space to another, but your next office space isn't currently available, a storage unit can be a safe and reliable place to store your office equipment and products. Rather than leaving your equipment unattended in your old office, or in a new office space that is not yet finished, a storage unit is a much more convenient option. Storage units have strict security and controlled access points, to ensure your goods and equipment are safe at all times.

3. Cost-effective

One of the biggest overhead costs for a small business is a building or office space. If you are unsure whether or not your business is ready to move into a large space, but working from your current location is no longer suitable, a storage unit can make a great location for transition periods, helping you to decide if you are financially ready for your next business step.

4. Help establish your business as a professional

When connecting with clients and organising freight, if you are between offices, giving your home address can make your business appear unprofessional and you may not be taken seriously. With a storage facility address, however, clients and other businesses will view you as an ambitious, professional business.

5. Flexible solutions

Real estate deals can be very time-consuming and offers often fall through at the last minute. Storage unit rentals are very flexible, meaning if you need to extend the length of time you are storing your business or office goods in a unit, you can do so with ease. This is ideal for businesses currently moving from one office to another.

For more information about how we can help small businesses, contact Big Box Storage today! Moving your business from one location to another can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Contact us today to see how we can help you.


With all the stress that an international move brings, finding somewhere to live can feel like an overwhelming task. If you already have a houseful of stuff, doesn't it make the most sense just to try and find a place that is of similar size to what you had? That way it'll fit all of your stuff! It's the way a lot of people approach this problem, but this can lead to a lot of issues down the road.

Property prices

Consider if you're moving to Queensland from somewhere like London or New York. The size of the house that you might get here is vastly different. In London, a house you might pay $1,000 a week for would be half the price in Queensland, depending on where you're moving. Or if you're moving from somewhere with lower housing costs, you might have to look at temporarily downsizing. Cost is a huge factor to consider and if you take a little more time to think about your costs at the beginning of your move, you will save yourself a huge amount of stress in the long run.


If you find that you do need to downsize, you don't need to get rid of your possessions right away. Big Box Self Storage can help bridge the gap between your downsize, so you have the time and space to decide whether you want to hang on to things for when you're in a more spacious house, or whether you'd prefer to sell or get rid of some items. Either way, not having to decide in amongst all that hassle will give incredible peace-of-mind.

Space to grow

Another important consideration is space. Are you a family of five? A couple? Or is it just you? Each case will have vastly different living space requirements, and finding something that fits your needs may be a challenge. If you're renting a home, you may have a lot more freedom to move as your needs change, but if you're buying a home, it's so important to find somewhere that's going to work, now and ongoing. If you'd like to save yourself the hassle of dealing with your belongings on top of everything else, consider sending everything ahead of time and storing it with Big Box Self Storage. Knowing your possessions are safe and available as soon as you need them will make the moving process a whole lot less stressful.

We can help

It doesn't matter how much or how little you have to store. Big Box Self Storage has a range of storage size options. So if you're moving from a large family home to a beachfront Gold Coast apartment, or you just need to store a few items, there is an option to suit you. As well as this, when you rent a Big Box storage unit, you gain free access to a free enclosed trailer with blankets, fridge trolley and ropes included. This will make moving easier than ever. Whether you're looking for temporary storage to see you through a move, or longer-term storage for things that won't be in your new home, Big Box Self Storage has an option to suit you.

If you're moving overseas for a new job, at first there is likely to be a sense of anticipation and excitement about your new role, your new country and your new cultural experience. And then comes the planning. One of your main priorities will be your children's schooling and this should be part of your pre-planning. After all, it's not something you want be trying to organise once you've arrived.

It's a big move for the whole family. School-age children will be in unfamiliar surroundings, without their friends and removed from local sports and perhaps other hobbies. Taking the time and doing plenty of research to choose the right area and the right school will help make the relocation easier. And it can help your children settle in and adapt to their new environment much faster.

Choosing the right kind of school for your child

Every child is different and will respond to different sets of circumstances. Is the right environment for your child a public or a private institution? A religious or non-religious school? A school with a strong sports orientation or a school with an arts focus?

Do you require after-hours care from the school or other options such as the availability of meals? Is it important to you and your children if the school offers a local or international curriculum?

Creating a list of what you require and what is most important will enable you to zero in on the most appropriate schools for your needs.

If you are working in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, there are over 100 public and private primary schools and a diverse range of high schools from which to choose. Many of these feature extracurricular learning programs that draw on the region's coastline, waterways, and hinterland.

If you're commuting to Brisbane, there is the freeway or bus and train services, and depending on the mode of transport and the exact location, the travel time can be approximately 60 to 90 minutes. For example, Surfers Paradise to Brisbane is approximately one hour by car along the M1.

Be aware of possible restrictions

Schools in some areas will have long waiting lists for new students. In addition, you will need to consider the tuition fees. These can differ from one school to another and this is something that has to be worked into your budget. Unfortunately, these factors may limit your options. This is all the more reason to have thoroughly investigated your new home prior to your move.

It's a balancing act as the school needs to be close enough to the area in which you're living, which in turn needs to be within reasonable travelling distance to your new job.

Aiding the transition

If your son or daughter is involved in a local sport, whether it is swimming, soccer, basketball or something else, then having them join clubs or classes at their new school will make the transition smoother - it's also a great way to make new friends.

The good news is that, in general, children tend to benefit from exposure to diverse and interesting environments.

Choosing and locking in the best school will be the first step in making the move a positive and uplifting one for your children and for the whole family.

Why you should consider one.

Moving overseas can be an exciting journey that opens up new opportunities for working and living. But shifting your life to a new country can also be a time of great stress.

After all, simply moving house is often listed as one of the top ten most stressful things you can do, along with public speaking. With moving overseas, not only are you packing up your entire life, but you're also shifting to a wholly different place where most things will be unfamiliar and new.

Instead of moving your things across a state border or to the other side of town, there's also the complications that can arise with shifting all of your possessions across the seas and then across national borders.

This is where a professional international removalist can make moving overseas a smooth process.

A local fixer at your fingertips

Whether you're shifting to a new home overseas or sending things for storage, a professional international removalist will help you pack up your life and move it to your new destination, taking care of every step of the way.

This means they'll help you pack up your house and other storage areas like a regular removalist, and then organise the best way to get your stuff overseas, arranging cargo transport while ensuring safe delivery point to point.

Professional international removalists have local knowledge and connections at the start and finish of the moving process, so you won't have to deal with customs officials or agencies – that's all done for you.

Best of all, they can also give you local advice on the best ways to integrate your life into your new destination, helping you understand local customs, schooling systems, medical systems and other vital services.

Easing your entry

Depending on where you are moving to, there are different rules governing what you must do to enter the country. This can range from securing the right visas for you and your family to paying certain duties and taxes for bringing in your possessions and assets.

This can be a complicated process, particularly if there's a language barrier or you are unfamiliar with the laws and customs of the country you are moving to.

A Professional International Removalist will help smooth this process by taking care of all these finer details, drawing on their local connections and knowledge to make sure you are well prepared and have everything in just the right order.

This can cover making sure any vehicles you want to bring in pass the correct safety standards and have any import duties taken care of, to ensuring your wine collection has the right taxes applied so you can enjoy it in your new home.

Take the stress out of moving overseas

Professional international removalists are experts in moving lives from one nation to another.

Whilst you can tackle moving overseas as a DIY job, it could quickly become extremely stressful, with complications lurking around every corner.

By hiring a professional international removalist, you can rest easy knowing that your possessions are in safe hands, allowing you to concentrate on the big journey you're taking – and enjoying it.

Moving from overseas to Australia

Our Tips

Moving to a new country can be an extremely stressful situation. Many of us will have to deal with Visas, changing jobs, figuring out where we want to live and what we can afford. However, we all have to deal with trying to move our entire lives across the sea.

When moving from another country to Australia most of us will have to leave most of our belongings at home initially. It is extremely difficult to initially transport anything but one suitcase to your new home. There are a few ways to fit as much as you can into this case. Moving your clothing is relatively easy, simply make a pile of clothing that will be most appropriate for the time of year, and any other bits of year-round clothing, and pack them carefully into a vacuum seal bag. This is a great way to transport as many of your belongings in one go as possible.

Alongside the suitcase that you take on the plane, it can be a good idea to pack up a few choice home items and have them shipped over. This way when you find your new home you won't have to purchase all new important items and can surround yourself with a few familiar home comforts. However, this leaves the rest of your life back home and your options are to sell before you leave or place everything in storage until you can afford to have it shipped over. This is certainly one option and if you have friends or family back home that are willing to take care of your items it may make the most sense. On the other hand, this does mean that once you decide which items you need you may have spent too much finding a new home or may not want to wait the time it takes for your items to be sent from your home.

With a little pre-planning, there is another option that could make your relocation easier. Sending over your belongings ahead of time and instead paying for them to be stored locally in Australia could save some time, money and stress. By storing locally you can rest easy in the knowledge that your whole life has moved at once, together, and that as soon as you find your new home you can fill it with all of your precious home comforts. Not only can this be less expensive as you don't have to worry about first class shipping on top of storage, but means you can set your new space up quickly and easily.

Big Box Self Storage provides secure storage units which are cost dependant on the size of the unit, so if you are bringing over the essentials you won't have to pay through the nose. You can also choose a monthly rate or book the storage for a specific amount of time. This kind of flexibility gives you more options while you're finding your new house.