Do I have to book a storage space?

Sturdy boxesIf you have items that you’d like to store, a storage space is one of the best ways that you can safely keep them somewhere without cluttering your home or garage. If you’re new to hiring a self-storage solution, there may be some things you’re wondering about. One of these is whether you have to book a storage space to store your belongings. We’ll answer these questions and more in this blog. Read on to find out more.

Is booking necessary?

Strictly speaking, booking out a space isn’t a requirement if you wish to store your items. However, booking a storage space ahead of when you need it is heavily recommended to ensure that you get the spot you want – or a spot at all, depending on how busy the storage facility is. It’s better to be safe than sorry, after all!

Once you’ve booked a storage space by talking to someone from our team and paying the deposit, we’ll hold the space for up to a week so you can move your items in at a time suitable for you.

What sizes of units are available?

There are various sizes of storage units available. This means that, no matter what you want to store or how much you need to store, there’s a unit suitable for your needs.

Available unit sizes include 1.8 x 1.5 x 3.0, 9.0 x 6.0 x 4.0, and 12.0 x 6.0 x 4.0. Other popular sizes include 3.0 x 2.0, 3.0 x 3.0, 5.0 x 3.0 and 9.0 x 3.0.

A full list is available when booking a storage unit with our online form.

How can the team help you store your items?

If you’re looking to store your belongings with a company that you can trust, Big Box Self Storage is the company to turn to. There are many ways that our friendly team can help you throughout your storage experience.

For one, we can provide practical and informed advice if you’re unsure what storage unit size is best for your needs. We can also advise on how to store your items to preserve hygiene and quality so that you don’t have to worry whilst you’re elsewhere.

Other ways in which we offer support include providing insurance if you require it, providing the contact details for trustworthy local removalists, and selling a range of storage materials including boxes, bubble wrap and more. We’re also able to accept deliveries if you’re unable to make the journey with your items for storage.

Use Big Box Self Storage

If you’re looking for a reliable storage space facility you can trust, look no further than Big Box Self Storage. Get in touch if you’ve got any questions.

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