Jetski Storage; 4 Factors to Consider

Looking for Jetski Storage?

Here are 4 Factors you should consider

If you’re in need of a jetski storage unit, you aren’t alone. This fun and frivolous leisure craft can quickly become a burden if you don’t care for it properly. Happily, Big Box Self Storage can offer you very convenient storage options, giving you instant peace of mind. You may not have considered the many advantages of partnering with the Gold Coast’s industry leader in self storage.

1. Save money on your jetski storage unit

Talk to Big Box Self Storage about how much space your jetski will need and you’ll be amazed by the affordability of your custom solution. Whether you’re renting for one week or one year, if you figure out your medium-term or even permanent storage solutions, you’ll be impressed by how cheaply you can keep your jetski safe.

A man on a jetski - looking for jetski storage

2. Don’t leave your jetski alone

Self storage is much more economical if you utilise it as part of a larger plan for maintaining your possessions. Indeed, consider what may also fit alongside your jetski while leaving it under the watchful eye of the Big Box Self Storage team. If you have a kayak kicking around, or even spare furniture, bundle it all together. If you think about your collective storage needs, even if you incorporate your friends and family in the plan, you’ll get a better return on your storage investment.


3. The risks of storing a jetski

Thieves could target your home if it becomes apparent that your jetski is stored on your property. While this is the worst-case scenario, there are other important factors to consider. For example, the weather could potentially damage your jetski if it is exposed to the elements. There’s also the inconvenience of keeping your jetski among your other possessions. Why clutter your garage or unit with a bulky item that gets in the way? Big Box Self Storage offers 24-hour security to ensure that your investment in water sports isn’t short-lived.


4. Calculate how often you’ll use your jetski

By the time you accommodate for winter and the colder months, your jetski will most likely lie dormant for the majority of the year. So, think of your jetski storage unit as a way to maximise your jetski usage. Once you unleash your jetski, you’ll be more likely to make the most of it!

If you’re still unsure about how to store your jetski, talk to the experts at Big Box Self Storage about getting a free estimation. There are convenient solutions that you may not have even considered. With additional services on offer, you might even benefit from free move in and also free packaging delivery if you need it.

So, next time you pass your jetski and worry about keeping it in mint condition, think about the convenience offered by Big Box Self Storage. With the cleanest storage facilities and comfortable space for boats and caravans too, you’ll be more than happy to give your jetski a second home. Call, email, or drop into our Labrador facility today, and choose Big Box Self Storage for your jetski storage unit.