Storage Security

Storage security is our priority

When it comes to ensuring the safety and security of your valuable belongings, Big Box Self Storage stands by its commitment to providing top-quality storage security. This is evident through the measures and technologies we’ve implemented from the entry gates right through and into the individual unit access areas.

At Big Box Self Storage you’ll discover options for storing all of your possessions, from books to boats, furniture to jetski’s. Our proactive approach to security is designed to offer peace of mind to all of our customers.

One of the standout features is our surveillance system. CCTV cameras record footage 24/7, including the perimeter fencing with controlled access gates, unit views, and surrounds that trigger in case of unauthorized access. This coverage ensures that your belongings are under constant watch, deterring potential intruders and providing a reliable record in case of any incidents.

Access control protocols are in place and we prioritise restricted access to the premises with personalised PIN codes and secure electronic gates. This means customers are assured that only authorised personnel can enter the facility. This not only prevents unauthorised access but also tracks the comings and goings of individuals, enhancing accountability.

Additionally, the facility has proper lighting and fire safety measures in place to protect against accidents. We understand the importance of security when storing your personal or business belongings and we take every possible step to provide a safe and secure environment to all our customers. Our commitment to storage security is first and foremost. Customers can trust that their cherished items are in safe hands, benefiting from the synergy of technology and the dedication of our team to safeguarding what matters most.

To get more information about our storage and our security measures, please contact us today. Our team is available to help advise on storage unit sizing and access times etc, too.

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