How to store books for long term storage

storing old booksBook lovers often have a substantial library at home, which, if left unchecked, can soon start to take over the house. Getting rid of a few books is the answer, but most avid readers can not bear to part with titles, even if they have read them several times.

However, there is another solution. You don’t have to sell your books; instead, you can put them into long-term storage. But storing books is not like storing old furniture, as books require special care and attention or their condition will quickly deteriorate.

So in this blog, we are going to look at how to prepare your book collection for safe long-term storage.

1. Clean them thoroughly

Start by giving each book a good clean. Remove the jacket and wipe down the cover with a microfibre cloth to remove any dust and debris. Then, inspect the internal pages for signs of liquid damage. Damp is the biggest threat to books, so make sure they are clean and dry before moving on to the next step.

2. Wrap them in paper

Once your books have been cleaned, you should wrap each book in paper. Tissue paper is best because it will allow the books to breathe, but old newspapers work just as well. Just make sure it is not plastic-coated paper as you might find in magazines or consumer packaging.

3. Place them in sealed containers

You should then place each individually wrapped book in a plastic storage container or bin. Any type of container will do, so long as it can be sealed with a secure lid. This will help to keep moisture out and ensure your books are protected from dust, dirt and vermin.

4. Stack books vertically

When stacking your books, stack them vertically with the edges facing upwards. This will allow the books to support each other and help to protect the spine. You should avoid jamming too many books in each container. Make sure each book has room to breathe and can be easily removed without damaging the jacket.

5. Check on them regularly

Finally, don’t forget about your books while in long-term storage. You should check them regularly to make sure there is no sign of mildew in the containers or mould on the books themselves. If you have never stored books before, check them after the first three months to make sure there are no issues. Then every six months after that should suffice.

Safe book storage on the Gold Coast

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