Self Storage is a business that takes large buildings and divides them into small individual storage spaces. The business then rents these storage spaces to customers for use as their own private and secure storage space. Our customers are either individuals or businesses. To locate your closest Big Box Self Storage facility please use our location finder on this web site.


A customer may rent one storage space or several storage spaces depending on their needs. Once the customer has rented the storage space, they can store any household or commercial item as long as it is not perishable, flammable or illegal. To assist you in choosing the correct storage space we have developed our size estimator to calculate just the right storage space for you.


Once a customer rents a space they will need a padlock to lock the space, these can be purchased from Big Box Self Storage or you can use your own padlock. Boxes and wrapping materials

U-Keep the Key

Once your padlock is on the storage space you are the only one who retains the key (unless you have authorised Big Box to hold a key on your behalf), no one else will have access to your storage space unless they are authorised by the storer, and have the key.


Once you have moved into your self storage space you can come and go as often as you like. Access to a customer’s storage space is unlimited and free and is subject to the general hours of access for the property.

Unlike most storage companies, at Big Box Self Storage we are flexible enough to provide storage on a month to month, week to week or a day by day basis if required. However, most storage is taken on a month to month agreement.

For your convenience Big Box Self Storage also sells boxes, padlocks, mattress covers and a variety of wrapping materials. Boxes and wrapping materials

If you have any questions please ask our friendly staff who are only too happy to help.  Contact Us