Hobby storage: An under-utilised game-changer

Whatever your hobby – whether it’s model trains carpentry, music, painting, or collecting first-edition novels – you’ll know just how much space an involved hobby can take up in your home. Self-storage is an under-utilised game-changer for hobbyists across Australia, providing flexible storage space outside of your home for minimal cost.

How self-storage can support your hobby

Self-storage units aren’t just for storage. You can store your collectibles and lesser-used hobby memorabilia and accessories in a self-storage container, but you can also use your self-storage container as a base for your hobby itself.

Storage units can serve as an excellent space to enjoy your hobbies and spend time by yourself without impacting your family life or encroaching on other areas of your home. If your hobby is starting to take over the living room, moving your hobbyist items out to a self-storage facility can create space in your home while reserving a quiet, safe space where you can enjoy your hobby any time you like.

Self-storage is convenient, affordable, and easy to access, so you don’t need to worry about booking yourself in when you want to enjoy your hobby. You also don’t need to worry about your hobby taking up space in your home or disrupting your family.

Hobby Storage – Finding a home for any hobby or interest

Self-storage containers can act as a home for hobbies and interests as wide-ranging as DIY, crafts, writing, or collecting. Here are some ideas on how to use a self-storage facility to make space for your hobby or passion:

    1. If stamp collecting, photography or picture framing are your thing, using a self-storage unit for laying out projects or framing photographs is a great way to keep your hobby handy whilst not having your home cluttered. Photo albums or frames take up a lot of room, so think about some bench space for layouts and building some shelving that allows you ease of access to your hobby items.
    2. Collecting rare books, old toys, or model trains? Create a personal library in your self-storage unit to keep your collection organised and easily accessible.
    3. lady hobby paintingIs your DIY carpentry of painting creating mess and dust in your home? A self-storage space is a perfect place to set up your very own DIY workshop and craft table. War Hammer or figurine painting is a huge hobby for many, but like any hobby, it needs space for painting, gluing, and storing.
    4. Painting on canvas. Think about the space you can save at home by storing all your canvases and painting items, especially if you love to have a special chair, a paint box on wheels, etc, and then the space to lay out completed jobs to dry.
    5. Just want to relax? You can even store furniture and decorative items in your storage container to create a private space to relax away by yourself.

Worried about theft? If you have expensive collectible items, storing them in a safe and secure storage unit will ensure they are hidden from opportunistic thieves. Whatever your interests, a self-storage container is effectively a cost-effective and private extension of your own home, away from home. You can use our self-storage units to store your possessions and enjoy your hobbies at any time of day or night.

Safe and secure storage 24/7

What’s more, if you’re involved in a hobby that carries large overheads – for example if you’ve invested thousands into model trains or high-quality machinery and equipment – you’ll be glad to know that storing your hobby equipment in a self-storage container could be even safer than storing it at home.

With 24/7 security and high-level insurance available, you can ensure that everything that you store in your self-storage unit is protected no matter what.

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