Three rules to store your caravan over winter

Storing your CaravanThe holidays are over, the weather’s getting cold. When caravan’s parked for a winter-long nap in the driveway, it might be tempting just to leave it there. However, come Springtime, will you regret it?

Incorrect winter storage can lead to a range of big and small problems with your caravan. Here are the three golden rules to prepare and store your caravan for winter.

1. Choose the right storage site.

Caravans take up a lot of space. Leaving it in your driveway can be a major inconvenience, as well as an increased risk for burglary and vandalism. Even if it’s under a carport, your caravan is at risk of weather damage from hail or excessive rain. If you live near bushland, you also don’t want any snakes or other animals moving in for the winter.

If you don’t have access to a secure, fully enclosed garage, consider hiring a storage unit for the winter. This will also provide security for any valuables in your caravan such as televisions or electrical appliances.

2. Do a pre-spring ‘Spring Clean’

Picture this – it’s sunny and warm again at last. You fling open the caravan door to go camping, but the whole place reeks of rotten food. You forgot to clean the fridge three months ago. There’s also a nice layer of mildew over everything because you left those wet towels inside. And don’t even think about looking at the toilet…

The lesson is: always clean your caravan interior before putting it in storage. Empty and clean the fridge, vacuum, dust and remove all garbage. Keep air circulation vents clear to avoid mould. Empty the toilet water mound tank, and clean the bowl. Finally, clean the exterior, so you have a shiny, showroom-like caravan waiting for you in Spring.

3. Do a maintenance check

If you and your caravan have hit the dusty road all summer, it’s not great to suddenly leave it idle for three months. Learn what kind of maintenance is recommended for your caravan’s tyres, windows, water system and electricals. Should you depressurize, rotate or completely remove your tyres? What should you do with your gas cylinder? Should you remove the caravan’s battery?

Look up what needs to be done, and do it. The last thing you want when Spring comes – when you just want to go on holidays – is expensive repairs and replacement parts.

For more information on storing your caravan for winter and tips for preparation, visit Big Box Self-Storage’s caravan storage page.

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