What is Caravan Storage?

Caravan storage is a storage facility to park your Caravan between trips or during out-of-season times of the year. It’s the resting place for your Caravan when you’re not using it. Caravan storage is the best option for caravan owners for multiple reasons:


Caravans are generally quite large and they can take up space. Not everyone has a garage, carport or driveway that’s big enough to accommodate a caravan. And if you do store your caravan at home, it can be inconvenient to move it when you need to use the space it occupies, but the neighbours may not be happy with the unsightly view! In contrast, caravan storage is purposely designed for storing big, bulky vehicles such as caravans.


A caravan storage facility keeps your caravan safe and secure. How? At Big Box Self Storage on the Gold Coast, we use the following top-level security measures:

  1. Strong perimeter fencing to prevent unauthorised access to the premises
  2. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) which operates 24/7 and is fully recorded
  3. Excellent on-site security lighting
  4. PIN code access for clients.

Protection from the Elements

The Gold Coast has a fantastic climate. However, if you leave your van exposed to the elements, there is a risk of damage from sun, storms, hail etc. Rubber fittings, in particular, can be severely degraded and even destroyed by prolonged exposure to the sun. If you cover your caravan, strong winds can loosen it and any flapping will scratch and damage the paintwork of your van. If you park your van under a tree, there is potential for damage from falling tree branches, tree sap, and flying fox poop!  Bird and animal droppings can be difficult to remove if they become hardened and can do permanent damage to paintwork if left untreated. When you keep your caravan in a secure caravan storage facility, you can avoid all of these nature-related problems.

Convenience and Flexibility

It’s important when you choose caravan storage, that the storage options suit your particular needs, whether short, medium, or long-term. Good caravan storage will provide convenient and flexible storage solutions for your situation.

Peace of Mind

One of the biggest advantages of using a caravan storage facility is that it gives caravan owners peace of mind. When your van is in safe and trustworthy hands, you have one less thing to worry about; far less chance of damage from the elements and far less chance of theft.

Tips for Storage

If you have decided to use a caravan storage facility for the winter months, then make sure you prepare your van appropriately. Here are some quick tips for storing your van.

  1. Clean the fridge and leave the door slightly open, this will prevent mold, mildew, and nasty odours.
  2. Remove all food items from cupboards and clean them.
  3. Empty any food-related storage tins and leave them clean.
  4. Clean the caravan toilet and deodorise.

Water tanks

By draining all water from the water tanks you avoid any chance of water-born bugs or algae growth. Using plenty of clean water, flush out the tank systems thoroughly before going on the road again.


Check the policy of your caravan storage provider – some places don’t allow the storage of gas bottles for safety reasons.

If you’re ready to consider Caravan storage in readiness for the winter months coming, feel free to ask our friendly staff at Big Box Self Storage for help. Contact us today to find out more about our cost-effective, highly secure caravan storage options.

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