How secure is self-storage?

When choosing a self-storage facility, security is the most important consideration for most people.

Having the right security measures in place gives you peace of mind that your possessions are safe from theft and burglary.

That’s why most reputable self-storage facilities invest heavily in security measures to prevent unauthorised access to their premises. Many different security measures can be deployed including biometric measures, but as a minimum, any reputable self-storage company should deploy the following five security measures.


Security gates should be used to monitor access to any storage facility. The exact method used varies from facility to facility. Some companies have security personnel on the gate 24 hours a day, while others use a keycode access system which helps to monitor comings and goings.
Whichever method is used, it should be capable of monitoring who is on site and when. A simple padlock on the gate is not really appropriate for a company responsible for securing your personal belongings. So when choosing a facility, make sure they have adequate monitored, gated security measures in place.


Secure storage facilities should be well lit at all times, both inside and outside the building. Exterior security lighting helps to deter thieves and make it much easier for authorised users to access the facility out of office hours. This is particularly important if the facility is not manned 24 hours a day.
For interior lighting, storage facilities should use lights that can be turned on and off whilst people are on the premises. This significantly reduces energy costs and removes the risk of people leaving lights switched on in their storage units when they leave.


The sight of CCTV cameras is often enough to deter thieves, but they also allow storage companies to monitor the actions of people who have gained access to the site legitimately. It is not unheard of for potential thieves to rent space in a facility just so they can gain easy access to it later.
CCTV cameras should be installed in prominent positions both inside and outside the facility. Warning signs should also be put up to warn potential thieves that the premises are protected by video surveillance cameras. Ideally, such cameras should be linked to a central monitoring station where they can be viewed by security personnel 24 hours a day.


All storage facilities should have a member of staff on-site during business hours. This not only helps with any queries you may have about the facility, but also allows them to monitor the comings and goings of personnel visiting the site.
The facility should also be protected by security personnel out of office hours. This could be a mobile patrol but ideally, it should include onsite personnel who are able to monitor access and video surveillance 24 hours a day from a central security station.


One of the most effective ways of protecting a storage facility is to ensure it is fitted with unauthorised access alarms. A central monitoring station is also notified, letting onsite security personnel investigate the breach.
Advantages of properly implemented security 
Choosing a storage company that deploys all of the above security measures gives you peace of mind that your personal belongings and property are safe. But there are other advantages, including:

1. Control who has access to your unit

– Pin number access control lets you decide who has access to your unit. This is useful if you are using your unit as storage for a business, allowing  you to restrict access to trusted employees and restrict everyone else.

2. Keep a Record of Access to your Unit

 – If multiple people are allowed access to your unit, it is important that you keep a record of access. By combining CCTV with access records,  you can easily track who accessed the unit and when.

3. Monitor what is Taken

 – With each secure unit protected by CCTV, you can not only monitor who accesses the unit but also what goods are removed.  This is an important consideration if you have allowed other people to access your unit on your behalf.

At Big Box, we operate one of the most secure self-storage facilities in Queensland. Our Labrador facility is well lit and monitored 24/hrs a day by CCTV surveillance cameras. Access is also strictly controlled by individual pin codes, while secure fencing helps to keep potential thieves at bay.

So don’t risk losing your valuable possessions by using a facility with substandard security measures. Contact the storage experts at Big Box today for a free no-obligation quotation. We not only guarantee the best price but also provide some of the best high security measures in the industry.


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