Why customers use our storage services

With customer service and user website experience being a big thing these days, there’s a lot at stake to get it right! Over the years Big Box Self Storage has relied heavily on our website to support our services and help our customers to find and buy the right storage unit and services for their needs. But there’s so much more to our customer service here at Big Box and we wanted to give big box storage servicesyou a few of the reasons why our customers have chosen us:

  • Decluttering our home to sell and achieve a better sell price

This is one of the main reasons customers come to Big Box for storage on a short-term basis. Many customers now prefer to use a ‘staging’ company to help sell their homes. It’s a great way to use beautiful furniture and decor at a designer level to expose their homes to potential buyers.

  • Renovating or extensions

Another top reason to use storage services. Renovations can be small or extensive – either one, usually means disruption to the home so many homeowners prefer to use short-term storage to keep their good furniture and belongings safely stored away from the dust and disturbance during this time.

  • Divorce and separation
  • The landlord wants to sell the house and has not renewed the lease
  • Moving back in with our parents to save money.

Surprisingly, this is still a big option for younger members of the family just finishing up with Uni. With the rising cost of homeownership and inner-city rental pricing, it’s a great option to get a good start on the financial ladder.

  • Moving into a furnished or smaller apartment or retirement village.

Otherwise known as downsizing. This is a busy time and many customers opt for storing their belongings until they are settled into their new place and have time to sort it all out.

  • House sitting

This is a great reason to store your furniture and belongings to rent out your own house to go and look after someone else’s home.

  • My house was due to be completed next month but the rain has set us back a month
  • The baby is due and he/she will need their own room
  • My new partner and I have moved in with each other and all of the children from previous relationships (think Brady bunch!)
  • I am traveling around Australia for 12 months and won’t need my stuff
  • I am traveling overseas for work or pleasure
  • Our company needs archive storage
  • Our company has excess stock for Christmas and we need somewhere to store it
  • We run a small business and have just taken on an employee, we need more space
  • We are building a small business and will need somewhere to store and unload our imported goods for re-sale and distribution.
  • I am a backpacker and just need a locker space for my suitcases

and finally…..

  • My name is Santa and the North Pole has run out of space for all the toys and presents for only the good girls and boys.

If any of these reasons sound familiar and you would like to join the thousands of customers we have helped through these situations then please call our friendly team today on 07 5537-6633, because we would love to help you.

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