Storage boxes have been touted as an efficient storage system for many years. Cardboard has proven to be the most efficient over wooden or steel storage boxes. Cardboard is extremely durable and sturdy, easy to manufacture, transport and store, and they prevent damage to the items within a storage unit. Not only that, they’re recyclable as well!
As consumers, we’re acquiring more ‘things’ than ever before, and the need for storage is continuing to increase. So, what do we turn to when we’re packing unwanted items away for storage? – a cardboard box! There are so many benefits in the good old cardboard box, here’s just a few.


Our Cardboard Storage boxes come in various sizes, ensuring flexibility in rental options based on your needs. Depending on how much you want to pack in a box, square boxes or rectangular boxes are options when renting. We even offer storage boxes to allow clothes to hang while in storage, linen, and blankets to be folded and laid out correctly, wine etc. Storage boxes are suitable for both storing or moving the contents of your house, and contents of your work facility.


There are no ‘surprise’ costs that sneak up on you when renting storage boxes. The rental costs are clearly defined, allowing you to easily budget for your storage. Once a lease agreement is signed, you can rest assured there won’t be any additional unexpected costs.
Depending on the location of your storage unit, the cost can vary widely. For example, a storage facility in the inner-suburbs of an Australian major city will be much more costly than a storage facility in the outer suburbs. Similarly, the price will vary between cities. Looking at Gold Coast prices, for example, rental costs are lower than those in cities like Sydney and Melbourne. Whether or not there is self-access to the storage unit will also alter the rental cost.


Importantly, transporting the contents of a house or office facility can involve risk of damage to contents. For this reason, sturdy storage containers are a must. This guarantees the easiest, most affordable degree of safety for your assets. Knowing that you can safely stack, store and lock your boxes prevents stress and anxiety levels from rising – assuming they’re already high based on the move alone! If you’re considering storing confidential and sensitive documents, our lockable containers are a fantastic choice. Most reputable storage facilities heavily invest in security measures to ensure content safety. These include;
Security lighting and alarm protection: Exterior lighting helps to deter thieves and makes access easier for those who have authorisation to be in the facility
On-site security:
Security personnel will be on-site during business hours for added security.
CCTV monitoring:
A good deterrent for thieves, and a good method for storage companies to monitor those who may have accessed their facility illegitimately. This allows investigating any illegal behaviour easier to undertake.
Gated access:
Access through security staff or a key-code access system ensures only those with authorised access enter the facility.
These are just some of the many benefits of investing in sturdy cardboard storage boxes. Finding a reputable company is essential, and once you’ve found the right facility, you’ll be able to safely and cost-effectively store or move your contents/assets with confidence and peace of mind.

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