Moving from overseas to Australia


Moving to a new country can be an extremely stressful situation. Many of us will have to deal with Visas, changing jobs, figuring out where we want to live and what we can afford. However, we all have to deal with trying to move our entire lives across the sea.

When moving from another country to Australia most of us will have to leave most of our belongings at home initially. It is extremely difficult to initially transport anything but one suitcase to your new home. There are a few ways to fit as much as you can into this case. Moving your clothing is relatively easy, simply make a pile of clothing that will be most appropriate for the time of year, and any other bits of year-round clothing, and pack them carefully into a vacuum seal bag. This is a great way to transport as many of your belongings in one go as possible.

Alongside the suitcase that you take on the plane, it can be a good idea to pack up a few choice home items and have them shipped over. This way when you find your new home you won’t have to purchase all new important items and can surround yourself with a few familiar home comforts. However, this leaves the rest of your life back home and your options are to sell before you leave or place everything in storage until you can afford to have it shipped over. This is certainly one option and if you have friends or family back home that are willing to take care of your items it may make the most sense. On the other hand, this does mean that once you decide which items you need you may have spent too much finding a new home or may not want to wait the time it takes for your items to be sent from your home.

With a little pre-planning, there is another option that could make your relocation easier. Sending over your belongings ahead of time and instead paying for them to be stored locally in Australia could save some time, money and stress. By storing locally you can rest easy in the knowledge that your whole life has moved at once, together, and that as soon as you find your new home you can fill it with all of your precious home comforts. Not only can this be less expensive as you don’t have to worry about first class shipping on top of storage, but means you can set your new space up quickly and easily.

Big Box Self Storage provides secure storage units which are cost dependant on the size of the unit, so if you are bringing over the essentials you won’t have to pay through the nose. You can also choose a monthly rate or book the storage for a specific amount of time. This kind of flexibility gives you more options while you’re finding your new house.

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