So what does storage cost?

Will storage cost blow the budget?

Choosing the right size storage unit doesn’t have to be a game of chance; it is possible to plan ahead. While it may add time and effort to your search, the end result makes it worthwhile. You’ll be storing away your stuff as well as your worries and anxieties.

In this article, we list the factors to help you choose the right size storage unit.

1. Stock-take</h3

Aside from the number of items, consider the size, shape and form too. Simply put, your 3m long sofa when placed upright will consume less space. It’s a good exercise to visualise how your items can be stored.

2. Lock-up and leave

Why are you storing them away? If it’s a temporary move prior to getting a bigger home, you’re unlikely to come back anytime soon other than to transport your things to your new place. If so, you are better off cramming in as many items as possible (hence, a smaller unit), then just lock-up and leave. However, if the unit is to serve as an ‘extension of your home’, you’re likely to be coming back from time to time to either check on your items or bring them home to use. If so, ensure you have space to move around in the unit to retrieve your items.

3. Err on the large side

As with any expense, the inclination is to go as minimal as possible. Hence, you’ll probably end up choosing a smaller unit only to find that, lo and behold, it’s not big enough! To err on the side of caution and opt for more room is not a bad thing, and the price difference can be marginal. Make a point of finding out the price of the next size up so you can compare.

4. Don’t forget the height!

We’re accustomed to looking at space in terms of length and width. Rarely do we look at space from a volume perspective. The fact is there is a third dimension to consider – the height! From stacking up boxes to placing your sofa upright, you’ll be surprised by how much space you have if you look at the height of the unit too.

5. Seeing is believing

Don’t make the mistake of relying on pictures or videos online in choosing a unit. Just like buying a house, visit it! It helps in the visualisation exercise. In addition, you’ll have a better sense of the location too.,/p>

6. Don’t forget the truck!

You probably wouldn’t want to leave this too late. Hiring the right size truck gives you a good gauge of the size of the unit. The size of the truck is typically one measurement bigger than your unit.

7. Price

Always attempt to get 3 quotes from 3 different companies. You are encouraged to compare their prices against the services offered. Be wary of low quotes as they aren’t necessarily the best deal for you; there may be compromises, for example in terms of safety and security or the condition of the unit.

To learn more about the guidelines, connect with us. We’ll be glad to discuss your needs and possible storage solutions.

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