Temporary Storage During a Renovation

While house prices seem to have risen for Australian properties for the first time since COVID-19, it appears they’re only going to keep increasing, making a remarkable recovery. Especially in light of Australia’s first recession in over twenty-eight years. For this reason, prices are likely to inflate further into 2021. As a result, the concept of renovating instead of purchasing seems attractive, with Australians in September reported having spent an average of $63,188 on their home renovations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lockdown home renovationProperty for Sale

Homeowners want to make living in their home or apartment during lockdown enjoyable, with many expanding their current living areas, or transforming their outdoor entertainment areas by adding a pool, deck, or pergola. As a result, builders have been inundated with construction enquiries, as homeowners seek to keep busy and put money that would have been used for a holiday or large event to use.

Many renovation partners have been offering virtual consultations as they strive to keep safe and use video chat to talk through renovation ideas, providing quotes, and nurturing building relationships. Additionally, many companies may offer free video consultations, online design and planning services, and emergency renovations in accordance with local guidelines.

Make space before starting

Renovating is an exciting process! You get to decide on the exact way you want your new room or kitchen to look, but you also need to take into account logistics. Where are you going to store everything in the guest room where you’ll be painting away each week, or the kitchen appliances where the contractor knocks down walls? Remodelling is certainly something to look forward to, but amidst all the tempting ideas and scribbled down remodelling tips, where do you store your belongings while it’s all happening? Whether completing the job yourself or employing a contractor, you’re going to want to remove your things to make extra room. If you don’t have a huge double garage or a large extra room, you may benefit from using a temporary storage facility.

Store belongings and furniture safely

Using self-storage allows you to store equipment, materials, and belongings securely, and keeps them safe from any damage. Using a storage facility like Big Box allows you to store any or all items needed. You may opt just to store bulky furniture, like desks or a bed frame, that take up much-needed space in the middle of a long renovation. Or you can store smaller items, like boxes of clothes or kitchenware that would otherwise take up space in your tiny apartment while the kitchen is being remodelled.

With Big Box storage, temporarily storing your belongings is easy. Just visit our size estimator at https://www.bigboxselfstorage.com.au/get-storage-quote-size-estimator/, and click the box size you want to view. The visual storage estimator will give you an idea of how much space is offered in the self-storage box, and what you can store in each given space, encouraging you to view units to understand exactly what, and how much you can store.

Reserve your spot

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