Which Box Fits?

Are you planning to put your belongings into storage? Finding suitable box sizes and types of storage boxes for your needs is the place to start. With effective packing, you can ensure your items stay in top condition, whether you’re storing them in the short term or indefinitely. Picking a safe, appropriate storage unit is step one, but after that, how do you ensure everything stays in good condition?

Using the right boxes makes it easier to store your items and ensures everything is kept safe and sound for longer. Not sure where to start on box usage? We’ve covered the basics to help you choose the right box for the job. Read on now for more details:

Choosing the right box for the job

When it comes to proper box usage, there’s not just one box size for the job. With hundreds of different box options out there, choosing the right box may mean researching what works best for you.

Storing books

Books are relatively easy to store in any unit, particularly those with proper humidity, pest, and temperature control. To maintain the integrity and shape of your books, it’s always best to pack them tightly with the spines facing downwards, never at an angle.

Storing clothing

Depending on your clothing, either a standard large box or hanging box may best suit your specific needs. Clothes requiring delicate storage, like wedding dresses, should be enclosed in their own box before being placed with other items to prevent any damage. There are plenty of professionals that will clean and box valuable clothing for you.

Storing kitchen items

Kitchen items, from electronics to tableware, need to be stored carefully to avoid damage. If possible, don’t stack heavy boxes of kitchenware on top of each other to prevent damage. You should also invest in heavy-duty boxes to ensure everything is stable when lifting.

Storing valuables and delicate items

If you have delicate valuables like stamps that you’d like to store, it’s crucial to use a dark, dry storage container</a>. If you keep stamps in a folder, placing them in an additional, opaque rigid box is ideal for keeping them safe. You should also store valuables and delicates high up if possible, reducing the risk of water damage.

Why choose the right box for the right belongings? The better you store your items, the better the condition they will remain in for months and years to come. Big Box Self Storage is the ideal option if you’re looking for a reliable storage unit for your items. Get a quote from us online today.

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