How to create the home office you’ll love

Thanks to the internet and advances in digital technology, WFH is easier. From virtual meetings to downloading megabyte size documents, it almost feels you’re in the office. As such, a typical workday can be less disruptive with high-speed broadband access readily available in most places in the developed world. However, technology alone isn’t sufficient to ensure you are at peak performance in your home office. Other factors are equally – if not more – important in ensuring you have a productive day at work at home. We’ll discuss them here.

1. Find your work cornerperfect home-office

Not everyone is blessed with a spare room or study room. For most, it’s usually a corner of the house. If that’s you, we recommend you find the quietest corner possible and declutter it. As much as possible keep to just your work desk and chair with a chest of drawers.

Your biggest challenge is to find a room for the stuff that used to occupy the corner. If you’ve run out of space to keep them elsewhere in the house, the best option to consider is self-storage facilities. With the money saved from not having to travel to the office, you could channel it to the monthly fee for the latter.

2. Keep your work desk organised

If you’ve yet to discover, you will soon – a messy work desk in your home office. In the absence of colleagues or managers to remind you of the need to keep your desk organised, the Post-It notes, files, scribbles on the back of the napkin, or printed articles will slowly but surely take up every inch of your work desk. Add yesterday’s lunch box and the morning’s coffee cup, don’t be surprised if you struggle to locate a pen! Make it a point to clear your desk daily if possible. It can be pleasant to the eye.

3. Green it!

A dash of colour, in this instance green, can create a positive impact on your emotional being. Green is fresh and energising. It certainly can take away the mundane of work sometimes and breaks the monotony of white and grey, which dominates a typical workspace. Feeling good has never hurt anyone, whatever the task at hand may be. Moreover, plans exude a serene mood too!

4. Blocks of work instead of an endless flowing stream

You may not have realised it but working in the office ‘comes’ with breaks, unofficial they may be. It comes in the form of a quick chat, watercooler breaks, a walk to the restroom, or a few moments by the copy/printer machine. They break the routine of banging away at the keyboards or reading reports. At home, however, these moments don’t naturally present themselves. You’ll need to create them. As such, it is advisable for you to approach your workday in blocks of work instead of an endless stream.

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