Finding the right size house after an international move

With all the stress that an international move brings, finding somewhere to live can feel like an overwhelming task. If you already have a houseful of stuff, doesn’t it make the most sense just to try and find a place that is of similar size to what you had? That way it’ll fit all of your stuff! It’s the way a lot of people approach this problem, but this can lead to a lot of issues down the road.

Property prices
Consider if you’re moving to Queensland from somewhere like London or New York. The size of the house that you might get here is vastly different. In London, a house you might pay $1,000 a week for would be half the price in Queensland, depending on where you’re moving. Or if you’re moving from somewhere with lower housing costs, you might have to look at temporarily downsizing. Cost is a huge factor to consider and if you take a little more time to think about your costs at the beginning of your move, you will save yourself a huge amount of stress in the long run.
If you find that you do need to downsize, you don’t need to get rid of your possessions right away. Big Box Self Storage can help bridge the gap between your downsize, so you have the time and space to decide whether you want to hang on to things for when you’re in a more spacious house, or whether you’d prefer to sell or get rid of some items. Either way, not having to decide in amongst all that hassle will give incredible peace-of-mind.
Space to grow
Another important consideration is space. Are you a family of five? A couple? Or is it just you? Each case will have vastly different living space requirements, and finding something that fits your needs may be a challenge. If you’re renting a home, you may have a lot more freedom to move as your needs change, but if you’re buying a home, it’s so important to find somewhere that’s going to work, now and ongoing. If you’d like to save yourself the hassle of dealing with your belongings on top of everything else, consider sending everything ahead of time and storing it with Big Box Self Storage. Knowing your possessions are safe and available as soon as you need them will make the moving process a whole lot less stressful.
We can help
It doesn’t matter how much or how little you have to store. Big Box Self Storage has a range of storage size options. So if you’re moving from a large family home to a beachfront Gold Coast apartment, or you just need to store a few items, there is an option to suit you. As well as this, when you rent a Big Box storage unit, you gain free access to a free enclosed trailer with blankets, fridge trolley and ropes included. This will make moving easier than ever. Whether you’re looking for temporary storage to see you through a move, or longer-term storage for things that won’t be in your new home, Big Box Self Storage has an option to suit you.

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