Christmas tree and decorations storage tips

Whether you have just a few precious, sentimental ornaments, or a home that rivals those in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, storing your Christmas decorations has become an art form. Having your own storage system for the most cherished baubles, tree angels, and Christmas plates will ensure their safe-keeping for next year. There’s truly nothing worse than opening your favourite ornaments and nativity scene come Christmas 2021 and seeing they didn’t survive. See below for some decoration and Christmas tree storage tips.

Repurpose household items

Do you have any empty egg cartons or plastic cups? Clean them with a damp paper towel, and line them with some tissue paper or paper towels. Cardboard drink holders, old takeout containers, even Tupperware can be an efficient way of repurposing items for the sake of keeping your beloved baubles and tree decorations safe. Perhaps you have some old liquor store boxes leftover from your trip to the liquor store for a few cartons of wine before Christmas day. Wrap some ornaments in tissue paper and fit them into each slot (with the heavier ones on the bottom), and you have custom dividers for a portion of your Christmas decorations!

Prevent tangled Christmas lights

In the aftermath of the holiday season, full of disappointment about going back to normality, we usually resort to stuffing and bunching Christmas lights into a box, then waiting another year to spend hours untangling them. Instead, wrap them around a piece of cardboard with one-inch notches cut in to prevent tangling. Pop them in a box with the remainder of your Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Tree

Use self-storage

Using self-storage is one of the easiest options when it comes to Christmas tree storage. Using self-storage allows you to store not only the tree but decorations, fixings, equipment, materials, and more securely, keeping your precious baubles and Christmas decorations safe from any damage. Using a storage facility like Big Box helps you temporarily store belongings until the next year, with the peace of mind they’re safe, and out of the way. Use our size estimator to give you an idea of how many Christmas decoration boxes and can be stored in our self-storage units!

Make the cleanup fun – including the kids!

Having a clean, tidy home following the holidays can be a difficult feat when you have kids. Especially since most of the time will be spent at home as a result of COVID-19 restrictions.

Get their help with the cleaning. Turn cleaning and tidying up after Christmas into a time-based game, while also giving them pride in their belongings. Setting up a chore chart or job jar and offering small rewards for tasks can get them on board. Gather all family members, go over what needs to be done, and assign chores to make it a family effort.

Use your child’s screen time to your advantage. Use that half an hour of their favourite show, or time playing their favourite video game to your advantage. Prioritise the chores important to you and delegate tasks in exchange for an episode of Paw Patrol. Get them to help you pack away some of the boxes in the garage, or pack up the Christmas tree.

Now all the jobs are done, it’s time to praise the heck out of your kids, and tell them what a difference they’ve made in bidding the Christmas season goodbye!

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