DIY Removals are not for everyone!

DIY removalsThey say that moving is one of the most stressful experiences you can ever have, it’s up in there in the top ten experiences including speaking in public. Needless to say, it is not fun and definitely not something that anyone looks forward to, especially when you’ve not used a moving company before and have no idea where to start. As always it’s the preparation that you put into moving that has a large bearing on the success of your big moving day.

It’s kind of like that big school assignment that you put off until the last day because you work better under pressure! Right? After more than 20 years working alongside the removal industry we’ve seen my fair share of people “working under pressure” to move home, and it is not fun.

It is not only the dreaded packing, cleaning, and organising that makes moving stressful but also the associated costs. Your research starts with Google, but for some, the yellow pages – you know that yellow book that gathers dust in your cupboard, is where you turn. Suddenly you are faced with a multitude of options and confusing costs. There are so many listings and business names that all look to offer the best deal, the best price, the biggest trucks. When you decide to try one, you’re quoted $130 per hour for 2 men and a truck, plus travel time, with a minimum of 3 hours! Who really knows how far this will get you? Could there be things you hadn’t even thought of, such as ‘carry to your door’ or ‘unpack and remove boxes’ etc?

With this information, you’re then left to try to calculate what it might end up costing you. Is your driveway going to even fit the biggest truck? Can they park out front and carry everything out? Maybe you don’t have that much furniture so you then start to wonder if it will really take 3 hours and why should you pay for it anyways! The more you think about it the more confused you get and the more you consider other options, until finally, you decide to take matters into your own hands……. and do it yourself.

Now you start planning the DIY Removals approach – the truck, the boxes, the help! And you thought finding a removalist was stressful! Wait until you have discussed the whole plan with your partner! Maybe your best mates would work for a small offering of beer and pizza as a reward for their muscles and box-carrying skills, only to find they’re all “away that weekend”!

On top of the packing, and everything else you need to do as part of your moving checklist, consider the following issues you may face when doing the move yourself:

    • The move will take longer than you think
    • The hire of the truck will cost you upwards of $150
    • Your friends will not be as reliable as you thought
    • Who will drive the truck?
    • Are you covered if you have an accident?
    • Do you have strong reliable boxes?
    • Do you have the tools to do the job?
    • Who will look after the kids while you move?
    • How valuable and precious are your items?
    • Do you have trolleys, ropes, and blankets?

    So as you can see organising a removalist can be stressful but trying to do the move yourself can really be detrimental to your health, patience and your precious belongings, not to mention your group of friends!

    Big Box Self Storage has been working with reliable removalists for years so we can help to take the stress out of finding a good one. Simply contact us and we can put you in the right direction. If you need boxes, packing tools, and a quote for self-storage and you still want to do the move yourself, at least we can save you the hire cost with our free trailer loan service – talk to us today.

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