Storage box lease agreement to watch out for

Understanding the Agreement

Storage boxes for lease are easy to come by on the Gold Coast. More and more people are downsizing to townhouses or units but just can’t part with the precious items they no longer have room for. It may even be more affordable to buy or rent a smaller home plus a storage box, rather than choosing a home that’s big enough for all of your possessions. If you’re in need of storage on the Gold Coast all you need to do is determine what you need from a leased box and know how to find the best agreement for you.

What do you need from a Storage Box?

The price of storage on the Gold Coast will be determined by the size of the box you lease and the length of the lease. Therefore, to make sure you’re not paying for storage and items in the lease agreement you don’t need, consider:

– The volume of items you need to store.
– Whether you want to store your items short term while you move to a new house for example, or as a long-term solution.
– Whether you want to be able to access your storage box at any time, as not all lease agreements allow 24/7 access.
– How far away your storage box is, and whether it will be convenient for you to drive back and forth for access.
– Whether your items have special temperature requirements, for example, wine, musical instruments, paintings.
– Whether you want a climate-controlled storage box, to avoid the mould and mildew which can be common on the Gold Coast with the change of seasons.
– Whether your items are of significant value and therefore require onsite security, live video monitoring or specific insurance.

How to find the best Storage Box Lease Agreement 

Leasing a storage box means entering into a contract with the owner of the storage facility. Therefore, you need to be clear on your rights, what you do and don’t have access to, and who is responsible if something goes wrong. Therefore, check your storage box lease agreement for:

– Security, alarms and surveillance to ensure your items are safe in storage.
– Protection for your items such as weatherproofing, climate-control and pest control.
– The inclusions which may be covered under the storage facility’s insurance.
– Whether you need to change the locks from the previous occupant, and if that is your own personal cost.
– Whether you can negotiate a discount if you are leasing for an extended period.
– Flexible payment options to suit your budget and your cash flow.
– Any early release fees if you want to cancel your lease agreement early.
– Any deposit required, and whether that is refundable if you change your mind, or at the end of the lease agreement.

Leasing a storage box is a great way to free up space in your home. However, while your items in storage are out of sight and out of mind, you still want to know they’re safe. You can tell a lot about the safety, security and reputation of a storage facility by their lease agreement, so take the time to compare and enquire before you store your possessions.

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