Manage your business inventory in uncertain times

Storing inventory and managing it in another location can be tricky at the best of times, that’s why our business storage was so highly sought after during the recent pandemic. You may have found that your products have been more in demand due to the pandemic, or maybe you’re struggling with sales. Whatever category you fall into, your business can benefit from moving its inventory into self-storage.

Managing small business inventorymanaging business inventory

In today’s world, setting up a small business is easier than ever. There are numerous resources out there that can aid any budding business owner, meaning they can get started in no time. However, one difficulty small business owners can come across is how to best manage their inventory and where to find easily accessible business storage, at the right price. Renting warehouse space can be very expensive, and you may not even have enough stock to fully utilise the space. Plus, you may be forced to sign a lengthy contract, which is risky during these uncertain times.

Choose self-storage

To combat this, more and more small business owners are turning to self-storage units to help with their business storage. With these units, the products are away from your home, meaning you aren’t having to live with all your stock. Also, most self-storage units offer monthly contracts, which means you can choose to use them for as long as you like.

The benefits

Self-storage is often much cheaper than renting a warehouse or office space. It also means there are fewer overheads to pay for such as lighting and heating. You can choose a business storage unit in a size that works for you, based on how much inventory you need to store. Storing your products in this way also helps to create a distinct home and work balance, as your business is clearly separated from your personal life.

What kind of businesses could use self-storage?

There is a range of businesses that could benefit from using self-storage units to manage their inventories. Fashion retail businesses can take advantage of self-storage, as it allows them to store seasonal fashion items and product displays that they may not have room for in a commercial business space.

Electronic businesses could also store stock in these units. This is a great option to keep expensive electrical items protected and safe from damage. Items that could be stored include computer screens, hardware, and tool kits. A business owner could also choose to store computers that need to be repaired in this unit.

Even those who choose to sell a small amount of stock on Amazon or eBay can benefit from housing their inventory in a self-storage unit. Whether its books, video games, clothing, or cameras, these items will be safe and easily accessible in self-storage.

At Big Box Self Storage, we have business storage solutions for a range of requirements. If you’re looking for help with managing your business inventory, then get in touch with our team today to learn more.

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