Affordable self-storage boxes on the Gold Coast

Are you contemplating Self-Storage boxes to store your valuables?

People tend to hold on to items or furniture they can’t bear to get rid of, which makes finding secure storage at an affordable price essential, and even more essential, is finding good quality storage boxes.

These days, storage boxes are highly affordable and a perfect way of securing your possessions for a specified period. The quality of the box can vary so understanding your needs will help.
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, there is expected to be a 10 to 12 percent increase in storage facilities, although occupancy has fallen by 2 percent in the eastern seaboard. According to Ibisworld in 2017, the weighted average fee rate is AUS $318.9 per square meter in Australia. Here are the five parameters of affordable storage boxes:

Size of the storage unit 

The cost you pay for a storage unit will depend on the size of the items you wish to store and the number of storage boxes you have, alongside the main furniture items. Therefore, you should ensure that you have taken a full inventory of your possessions beforehand to ascertain the number of items you need to store. Sizes range from 1 to 27

Once you’ve decided on the size of the storage box you need, you can then research and check the options and rates that are charged by different facilities for this space.

Period of Storage

If you’re simply looking for a temporary or short-term storage solution, most options on the market will be charged at an affordable rate. However, if you’re searching for long-term storage space, it’ll be prudent to choose storage units that have good monthly rates. Most importantly, make sure that your long-term storage doesn’t attract more costs over time.


Another factor that may influence the prices charged at a facility is availability. For instance, a 24-hour storage facility may be more convenient if you’d like to access your items any time of the day or night, but this will likely cost you more.
Additionally, well-lit storage facilities, CCTV surveillance, and cold storage for perishable items are also some of the amenities that you may need to consider. However, these will attract higher charges compared to standard storage boxes.


Another factor you’ll have to consider is the location of the storage facility from your home. Choosing a nearby facility will be more beneficial and convenient, which is especially the case if you want to check on your items regularly. It also costs less in terms of travelling and fuel costs to access your storage unit.

Type of items to store

Above all, you should select a unit that will be practical for the kind of items you’re going to store. For instance, you should choose a unit that is climate controlled if you’re going to store delicate electrical appliances. If not appropriately stored, such items may wear down if left in storage for an extended period of time. Similarly, household items like boxes and furniture may only require standard storage, so don’t pay for amenities you don’t need.
The bottom line

If you are searching for an affordable and secure facility to store your items, the Gold Coast region has numerous self-storage companies. Check out the facilities in the area and research their pocket-friendly rates for storing your home appliances, furniture, and other essential valuables.

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