Checklist on Finding Caravan Storage Near Gold Coast

Caravans are popular with Australians, but when you are not using yours then you will need to find caravan storage near me. Where will you be keeping your caravan? You need somewhere safe, accessible, and affordable, so it is an important decision to make.

Here is a checklist of places to look and things to consider when looking for storage for caravan near me:

1. Would home storage work?

If you have a spacious garage or large driveway, your home could be the ideal place to store your caravan. It enables you to keep a close eye on it, and it won’t cost you anything. The problem is that this notion is not available to everyone, and if it is then you need to be aware of what the insurance implications are.

2. Seasonal pitches

A seasonal pitch at your favourite caravan site might be a good option. This avoids the hassle of moving the caravan to and fro, keeping space free at your property and leaving the caravan in the safe hands of professionals. Of course, there are restrictions on this that you may need to be aware of.

3. Storage facilities

Another option for caravan storage near me is the use of a storage facility. If you are near Gold Coast, Big Box Self Storage can do this for you. It may be a little pricier than the previous options, but you get unparalleled security for your money. You won’t find better peace of mind than storing your caravan with us, and we will keep it safe for you until you need it again.

Risks to consider

  • Theft – without security measures in place, your caravan is vulnerable to theft.
  • Vandalism – this is another thing a caravan can be vulnerable to.
  • Fire – storage near combustible materials can increase the risk of fire.
  • Storm damage – if a caravan is kept out in the open it is exposed to the element, and storms can cause damage.
  • Pests – vermin are attracted to anything that offers shelter, particularly if the caravan and its surroundings are not kept clean.


When looking at potential storage for caravan near me, consider:

  • Perimeter protection – fences, palisades, barbed wire; look for measures designed to keep thieves and vandals away.
  • Access – security gates will make it harder for thieves to physically remove a caravan from a location.
  • CCTV – this is essential since it acts as a strong deterrent against intruders. It can also be useful for insurance if you are keeping your caravan at home.
  • Security lighting – good lighting will improve the security of the storage location.

Get in touch

If you would like to know more about storing your caravan at a storage facility near Gold Coast, contact Big Box Self Storage today. Our friendly team will answer your questions and help with your decision-making.

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