What is Boat storage?

For most people who own a boat, sailing is not an all-weather, all-year-round affair! 

Fishing boatDuring the more inclement months, boats are often left moored or towed away to be stored in a shed or similar building. Unfortunately, both these options can have a number of disadvantages, which is why using secure, bespoke storage for boats is becoming increasingly popular. Take a look at the benefits which using purpose-built storage that shields your boat from the elements and theft can bring:

Protection from the weather and the water

Almost inevitably, a boat with a hull that’s submerged for months at a time is going to need plenty of TLC to keep it in usable condition. The bottom of the boat will need to be scraped to remove weed or water life which has begun to grow on it whilst it has been stationary. In addition, prolonged contact with the water may have begun to weaken joins and joints, meaning that waterproofing and similar repairs will be required. Not only does this have a cost implication, but it also requires additional inconvenience and time, as well as the need to potentially move your boat several times. In comparison, a boat in dry storage is protected from the vagaries of the water: if the hull is in good condition when the boat is stored, it will remain so until needed again.

No UV light!

Sunlight is well-known to accelerate the deterioration of a wide range of materials. From causing paint to chip and fade through to weakening wooden fixtures and causing ropes to degenerate, for boats, just like humans, unnecessary exposure to sunlight should be avoided. Indoor boat storage solves this problem, ensuring the boat is safe from UV damage when not in use.

Added security

Boat storage consists of a suitably sized area that’s protected from the elements. With enhanced security measures in place, the chances of anyone taking your boat when you’re not around to look after it are very low. The boat storage we provide not only features lockable storage, but the facility is also protected by good external lighting, gating, on-site security personnel and CCTV monitoring. All these measures are designed to keep your boat safe. With protection far in excess of what most people are able to put in place, if you want your pride and joy in safe hands, storage is the way to go.

Flexible terms and easy access to your Boat

When you use boat storage, you can come and go as you wish, removing your boat when you need it. We offer a selection of storage options, tailoring rental to suit your specific requirements. Whether you’ve got limited space at home to store your boat, are taking a break from sailing and want to make sure your boat is well looked after or are looking for a cost-effective boat storage solution that’s also safe and weatherproof, our storage facility is an optimal solution. Suitable for boats of almost any size, please get in touch to find out more – P: 07 5537-6633 or

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