Red Flags when Looking for a Self-storage Facility

Renting a storage facility in Gold Coast is an excellent solution for keeping your belongings safe. A good storage unit is the place to go when you are moving or your home doesn’t have enough storage space, and there are many options to choose from. But it’s important to be sure that the facility you choose is safe and secure, so here are some red flags to look out for when viewing a self-storage facility.

Evidence of rats, mice, and other pests

When you inspect a facility, look for signs of a pest infestation. Common evidence includes dropping and dead bodies of the pest. Things like mice and rats can damage your belongings in various ways, while termites can damage wooden items and moths can ruin clothing. If there are signs of a pest infestation, look elsewhere for your storage unit.

Water damage

Water damage in and around storage units should be a big red flag. Its presence indicates that damp can penetrate the units, and this has the potential to damage your belongings. Check that the storage units are dry and there isn’t any mould on the walls, ceiling, or floors.

They don’t let you view your storage unit first

Before you sign on the dotted line for a storage facility, you should be allowed to physically inspect the unit. A trustworthy facility will show you where your belongings will be kept so you can inspect it yourself. If they don’t offer this, you should have serious questions about why. There’s no reason they shouldn’t permit you to look.

Poor security

Security is paramount when storing your belongings, particularly if they have value to you. Ask questions about what security is in place whilst you are creating your shortlist of storage facilities in Gold Coast.

If there are not sufficient CCTV cameras or security guards present, you should look elsewhere.

Negative/non-existent customer reviews

Customer reviews online are a great way to assess whether any business can be trusted. If the storage facility you are looking at has lots of negative reviews – or none at all – avoid. Vetting storage facilities this way is an important step in finding the right place for you.

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