How much stuff can I fit in a storage unit?

storage unit sizesStorage unit size – what you can really fit!

When you’re booking a storage unit, one of the first questions on your mind is ‘how much stuff can I fit in?’ The dimensions of your storage unit will affect how much it can hold. Read on to learn more about the storage capacity of various-sized units.

1.5m x 1.5m

Similar to a large telephone box in size, these storage units can hold small household items. You might think of using them to store a small fridge, a single bed, a side table, boxes, or luggage items. If you’re using a unit of this size for business purposes, you can expect it to fit approximately 50 to 70 archive boxes.

3.0m x 1.5m

These storage units are comparable to ¼ car garages in size. They’re able to accommodate enough residential items to fit a one-bedroom unit, so are perfect if you’re planning a small relocation. They’re also fantastic for small business storage and can store roughly 90 to 120 archive boxes, or the equivalent of 2 pallets of stock.

3.0m x 2.0m

With these storage units, you’ll have space equivalent to a 1/3 car garage. If you’re looking for residential storage, they’re able to hold the contents of a one-to-two-bedroom unit. For business storage, you can comfortably fit approximately 120 to 150 archive boxes or 2 pallets of floor stock in these units.

3.0m x 3.0m

Comparable to a large ½ car garage in size, the 3.0m x 3.0m storage unit can comfortably fit the contents of a two-bedroom home. It’s a great option for business storage, as it can also accommodate between 300 and 350 archive boxes, 4 pallets of floor stock, or 8 pallets double-stacked.

3.0m x 4.5m

These storage units are equivalent to a large ¾ car garage in size. If you’re looking for residential storage, they can accommodate the contents of a three-bedroom home. You’re also able to use these units to house medium-sized vehicles. For business storage, these units can store between 400 and 450 archive boxes, 6 pallets of floor stock, or 12 pallets double-stacked.

3.0m x 6.0m

These storage units are equivalent to a large single garage in size. You’ll comfortably accommodate the contents of a four-bedroom home in these units or could use them to store a large car. For small warehouse storage, they’re a great option, able to house between 600 and 650 archive boxes, 8 pallets of floor stock or 16 pallets double-stacked.

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