5 Reasons why self-storage units are easy to use and maintain

People rent self-storage units for a variety of reasons. Some people move houses and require a safe place to temporarily store their possessions during the transition, while others make use of self-storage units to store and organise bulk shipments of goods. Whether it’s for personal or commercial purposes, if you’re looking to rent a storage space and want to know if they’re easy to use and maintain, read on to find out more:

1. Convenient and low-maintenance
Self-storage facilities provide unparalleled convenience as they offer seven-day, 24-hour access to your storage space. Since access is free and unlimited, you can choose when you want to add or remove items from your storage unit at no extra cost. On-site forklifts ensure that pallet deliveries are received with ease, and drive-up roller door spaces make storage use quick and easy. Moreover, moving your goods and items around is made effortless with the convenience of pallet jacks and trolleys. Packing materials such as boxes, tape and wrapping paper for all your storage needs are also available for purchase on-site.

2. Cost effective
No yearly leases are required when you rent a self-storage space because you pay on a month-to-month basis, and you don’t need to pay a large bond to rent a storage space. Rental rates for self-storage spaces are not only competitive with the cost of office space, but are also made more affordable with the discounts that you may receive when you pay for periods in advance.

You won’t have to employ someone to receive deliveries as you are given a free receipt and dispatch service. Some storage facilities will even offer free move-in services so you can save on truck hire fees, or will help you find a reliable removalist to help you with your moving.

3. Flexibility
Self-storage units guarantee a large degree of flexibility when it comes to downsizing and up-scaling. As your business changes, you can easily alter the amount of storage space you require. Furthermore, you can store your goods and items month to month, and you can provide very short notice when you decide to vacate.

4. Many options for all your storage needs
No matter how big, small or oddly shaped your possessions are, self-storage facilities will have a solution for you. Storage spaces include storage units and boxes. Cardboard storage boxes come in a range of sizes and are ideal for moving or storing the contents of your house and your office facility. For big, bulky vehicles like caravans and boats that are inconvenient to move or store due to a large amount of space they occupy, purpose-built storage units are available for rent.

5. Secure
You don’t have to worry about your possessions or look after them while they’re stored in a self-storage facility. When you rent your own lock-up space, the keys for the storage space are yours for safekeeping. Reputable storage facilities deploy a range of security measures to prevent theft, burglary and any other illegal behaviour.

At a minimum, storage facilities have on-site security personnel during business hours, 24-hour video surveillance cameras, interior and exterior security lighting, gated access to the premises, and unauthorised access alarms. Lockable containers for confidential and sensitive documents are also available for purchase.

Overall, whether you decide to store your items on a short-term or long-term basis, self-storage facilities offer easy, convenient and secure storage solutions for homeowners and business owners alike.

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