Is a storage unit affordable?

There are more storage units in Australia than ever before. For consumers this is good news. 

It means there’s a lot of choice out there and there are affordable storage units to suit most budgets. But what should people look for in affordable storage? At the very least, they should look for facilities that are modern, clean and secure. Convenient access is another factor worth taking into account.

How much does a storage unit cost?

The cost of storage units is based on volume (cubic metres) and clients usually pay per month.

The location of the facility will have a significant impact on the cost. In the Gold Coast’s neighbouring states – NSW and South Australia – storage unit facilities are not cheap. In fact, in the inner suburbs of Sydney, monthly rental of a 9m³ storage unit is quite costly. In Adelaide and Brisbane, the price range is marginally more cost-effective than Sydney. When you look at prices in the Gold Coast area, the same amount of storage space is even more affordable in comparison with neighbouring states.

The type of facility and whether there is self-access will also impact on its cost. So, too, will the length of time you plan to use the storage unit. For long-term users, lower monthly rates can often be negotiated.

Why do people us self storage units?

Actually, there are many reasons why more and more Australians are utilising storage facilities. 

Some people simply have too much stuff and not enough space for it. Others may have altered their living circumstances – the size and makeup of their family may have changed or they may have decided to relocate, perhaps temporarily or even long term. Home renovations may also necessitate putting furniture items into storage. Whatever the reason, storage units are an affordable solution to surplus possessions. Belongings are kept safe and secure and owners don’t have to worry about their possessions while dealing with moving or decorating.

Can Businesses use storage units?

More and more businesses are turning to storage units as a way to minimise overheads.

Storage units are ideal for bulky documents that can’t be disposed of for taxation, legal or insurance purposes. Equipment, tools or out of season stock are other items that commercial operators often consign to storage. With eCommerce becoming ever more popular, many online shops use self storage units as mini warehouses.

Larger, awkwardly shaped items such as trade show equipment (banners, stands, etc.) or even scenery used in theatre productions are objects that don’t need to be used all year round. Storage units are a cost effective way for businesses to store these things.

Why choose Big Box Self Storage, Gold Coast?

Are you looking for affordable self storage? 

At Big Box Self Storage Gold Coast we have options to suit all storage requirements, whether personal or commercial. Our rates are cost effective and our highly convenient facilities are modern, clean and secure. Contact our friendly, helpful and experienced staff today for a quote, or to find out more.

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