Your Essential Self Storage Checklist

Self storage has never been more popular, with so many great reasons to utilise convenient and affordable options for storing your precious items. But just because self storage is a fantastic choice, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think hard about your goals and needs before placing your possessions in storage. If you aren’t sure how to prepare your items for self storage, or what to look for in a unit, keep reading. Our personal checklist will be your invaluable guide before moving items to your self storage units.


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Self Storage Checklist

Consider your reasons

Self storage can be utilised for a variety of reasons and time frames. If you are moving house but won’t have room for all your furniture in your new home, if you want somewhere to store treasured memorabilia, or if you need a space to house your business equipment and stock – these are just a few of the ways in which a self storage unit can be utilised. It is important to consider how exactly you will be using your storage unit, as this can change the size of the unit you need and how you will need to place your possessions.

Choose your unit carefully

A self storage unit can be found in many locations, but you should always make sure that you find a place that works for you in the short and long term. Not only when it comes to the size, but the actual location. A cheaper unit might be tempting, but if it takes you an hour to get to it, then this won’t be practical if you need to be going back and forth. For example, if you are storing items that you need to use regularly, or you want to check in on your things.

Check for flexibility

Most self storage units have very flexible options when it comes to the amount of time you store your items for, and allow you to visit the unit at a wide variety of times. If you are going away travelling or moving house with an unspecified time frame, make sure to look into how flexible your unit is. Can you pay on a week by week basis, or get a discount for storing items for longer? By asking these questions up front, you can get the best price for your needs, and the flexibility you need.

Ask about restrictions

There are some restrictions on what you can place in self storage units – for example, it is usually not suggested that you place food items in your unit, as these can attract pests which could damage your possessions, and those of others. You should also check in on whether any of your items are in any way perishable so that you don’t lose anything you need.

Package appropriately

Another important checklist item to consider is how you package your possessions. Whether you are placing breakables or large furniture items into your self storage unit, you will need to wrap your items as protectively as you would during any other move. While units are secure and your possessions won’t be subject to damp or any other damaging issues, it is best to keep them secure during loading, transit, and unloading. Even if you are going to need to unwrap things inside the storage unit itself (such as if you are using it for business purposes), then this is worth doing. On the other hand, if your possessions will be in self storage for a long while, you want to keep them adequately covered to ensure they are safe from dust.

Be strategic

Not only should you pack for the security of your items, you should also think carefully about their accessibility. If you are putting bulky furniture into storage, you may not need it for some time – but smaller boxes with potentially necessary items may need to be more accessible for you. If you are planning to visit your self storage unit and pick up some of your possessions, then it is worth arranging the unit with more care. This can be more challenging if you have professional movers load your items, but if you do it yourself you can order the items so that the ones that you will need to access the most are towards the front of the unit, with bulky ones towards the back. It is also a good idea to think about creating a pathway to move through, especially if you are using the unit for business

Self storage units are an excellent way to keep your items or inventory safe whether you are staging your home for sale or just need some extra space to store heirloom items that won’t fit into your home comfortably. Used for moves, students, and many others, a self storage unit could be the best way to ensure your most important possessions are secure and taken care of, even when you can’t do it yourself.

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