Helping you stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

Customer Safety Comes First

At Big Box Self Storage, we are committed to doing everything that we can to protect the health of our staff and our customers during the current Covid-19 pandemic. We have, therefore, adopted a range of measures to ensure your safety when you turn to us for versatile, secure self-storage. Whether you need a small, garage-sized area of storage, or need an entire warehouse for your goods, we’ve done everything we can to ensure you can operate within the current social distancing guidelines. Take a look at how you can still enjoy cost-effective, high-grade self-storage while staying protected.

Remote booking and payment

Our customers can complete the entire booking and payment process remotely. Our team can be contacted using our online contact form, by phone or by fax. As well as being able to book remotely, customers are also welcome to call us if they have any queries or concerns for the duration of their rental. Payments are taken remotely, so there’s no need to handle cash – a potential source of infection. These measures mean that you will have no direct contact with us at any stage.

Remote entry ensures no contact with other customers

We use a remote entry system, which we monitor to ensure that customers don’t enter and leave at the same time. This enables you to visit your unit to work, move items about or otherwise use the space, with no contact with other site users. For people who wish to use self-storage to store goods for sale, our set-up allows users to continue business as usual, at the same time as complying with social distancing regulations. Our clients are never put in a position where they need to have unsafe contact with one another.

Can you still accept inbound goods?

Yes! Goods can still be dropped off and stored. While drivers will have to obey the relevant social distancing rules when loading and unloading, our facilities are still open for business as usual. We can provide a safe home for removalists to store goods between moves, as well as space for storing out-of-season equipment (boats, dinghies etc), house clearance goods, goods that have been inherited, retail stock, materials, and most other items. If you have goods that require special conditions for safe storage, please get in touch so that we can advise on whether our self-storage is suitable.

Committed to keeping our workers and our customers safe

We take our responsibility to our customers and staff seriously, which is why we’ve looked at every part of what we do to ensure that it not only complies with social distancing guidance but exceeds it where possible. If you need any more information about the measures we are taking to protect you, or require further advice on selecting a self-storage unit that’s exactly right for your requirements, please get in touch and we will be delighted to help.

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