Clutter and self storage

There is never a bad time to de clutter your house and make more room for living. You may be in the process of selling your home and looking for a better price or just simply feel like you need more space.

While its always a good idea to “lighten” the load it is never an easy task. What do I keep, what do I throw away and what do I put into self storage? The items you put into storage will have value to you but they are things you don’t need or use very often. To help with this difficult task we have put together some questions that you can ask yourself while going through this process.

Does it need fixing or upgrading?

In today’s throw away society items are often cheaper to replace than repair. If it is a technology item is it out of date and no longer compatible or useable? If it has been lying around broken for a long time then chances are that you don’t need it and are unlikely to use it again. This item would be a good candidate for the scrap heap.

When did I need or use this last?

If something has been taking up valuable space in your home for more than a year without being used is it really of value to you?

When will I use this again?

Just because you have not used something for a long time does not mean that you will never use it again but you need to try and make that distinction. For example, you may have done a lot of camping before your baby was born but have no plans to “rough” it with a new born. However, taking your kids camping as they get older is something you are looking forward to. Therefore, your tent and supplies are definitely worth keeping but perhaps just not under your feet. If you don’t have a garden shed or spare room in your garage then perhaps self storage is the best solution for this item.

Is it a hidden treasure and worth some money?

Sometimes in our rush to clear a room and make space we can inadvertently throw out items of value. It is always a good idea before discarding older items to check out Ebay and make sure that the items are not worth some quick and easy money.

Is it worth storing for a year or should I just replace it when I am ready to use it?

So you are selling your home and moving in with the “outlaws” for 12 months while you and your partner build a new home. Think about all of your large items of furniture, appliances and equipment. It may well be cheaper to rent a storage unit for this time than sell the items now at a discount only to have to buy new ones at inflated prices 12 months later.

Is there another way to store these items taking up room in my house?

In this digital age, you are less likely to find big home video libraries and cabinets full of photo albums. These are more likely to be stored on a computer and backed up to an external hard drive than sitting on a shelf or in a cabinet. When looking through old paperwork, photos or letters etc consider scanning some of these to not only protect them but to reduce the physical space required to store them.

Could somebody else benefit from having this?

If there is no one else in your extended family that could use the item then you may want to consider donating the item to the Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul or a similar charitable organisation. Not only will this free up much needed space but it will also make you feel good while helping others in need.

Why am I attached to this item?

This can be a tough question. However, if answered honestly you will be able to let go of things more easily. Does the item give you good or bad memories when you see it or hold it? How often do you interact with the item? It is fine to keep some special items like your first valentines card from your partner, your “first” wedding dress (really?) or your favourite childhood toy but where do we draw the line? You need to set boundaries about what and how much you will keep. Items that you just can’t part with but you don’t need to use can go into a Self Storage unit. You may wish to share these with your adult children one day. If you are unsure about an item then ask others for feedback like the ones you love. They will give you some honest answers and help you with the tough decisions. No matter how much space you create going through your stuff, it will be a walk down memory lane and a refreshing and cleansing experience.

So what are you waiting for?

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